Monday, December 26, 2016

XTRO / Amalgamated Film Enterprises - 1982

We gots a weird one today, actually, one I saw when it came out. I didn't really dig it. The story goes like this... Tony, a small boy, is out playing in the yard with his father, Sam, when, a bright light appears in the sky and Sam is abducted by aliens. Three years pass, and, Sam returns to Earth and seeks out Tony and his wife, Rachael, but, Rachel has since been living with a photographer and the reunion is nothing less than awkward. And, Sam is not the same person he was when he disappeared and he's affecting Tony in frightening ways!

I was collecting Famous Monster magazines again (I eventually had a complete set!) but sold them all on eBay starting in 1998. They helped me fund THE CREEP in 1999 when we started production...

Three years after Sam's abduction, a UFO crashes into the countryside and a weird creature digs its way out of the dirt and starts creeping around! What in the Hell!

A couple are driving at night and run over the thing as it's crossing the road. You can see how they fit the person in the monster suit, such a strange idea!

Well, anyway, the driver goes to check the condition of the thing and... C'mon!.. we all know what's going to happen to the stupid idiot! He deserves it.

Later, XTRO attacks this poor lady and I guess, has sex with her! The good old eighties!

Anyway, she balloons out to a record size (Wowsers!!) and gives birth to...

Freakin' Sam, he's back! He grabs a fast shower to get the funk off and then heads off to find wifey and sonny boy...

After locating his loved ones, Sam quickly bonds with Tony. Snakes are now a big fascination with the two for some reason, twists and turns at every corner.

Are you ready for a tasty snake salad surprise?!... Not me!!

Then, this evil little clown shows up with his spinning, mayhem light. He causes a lot of problems including creating this life sized Army action figure with fully working rifle.

The close ups are gross, but, that's a woman whose only job is to lay rubbery alien eggs! There is also an evil egg retriever and the story goes into 'way too many turns' overdrive!

Now it's time to steal a scene from CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, you know, why the Hell not?!...

Sam takes Tony's hand as the boy decides to go away with pops. It really ain't that bad onest you's get used to it!

Mom's left back on Earth to tend to the eggs, but, she gets the works instead! We have three more posts for 2016, so, check back as we close out the year!!..

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Evil Reviews said...

This movie is dark and insane. What was that with the toys? Usually I like this kind of movies, I should have liked it more, but there is something about it that bothers me, that makes it difficult to watch. I still don't know what it is.

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