Wednesday, December 28, 2016

TALES OF THE UNEXPECTED Season 03, Episode 09 - "The Party" (1980)

Tonight I've got a post-Christmas 1980 episode of "Tales Of The Unexpected" for you! It's not much of a Christmas story, so I don't feel bad that your present is late!
Roald Dahl was all but done with the show at this point, and is no longer the narrator!

It's simply called "The Party!"
The brilliant actor Robert Morley could probably have easily done this solo as a one man stage act, and it might have actually been more entertaining!

Western civilization was at it's zenith in 1980!

You're never going to go wrong with girls and gambling. It has absolutely nothing to do with the show except that it's unexpected!

Here's the deal: Robert Morley has worked for the same toy company for 40 years, and every year he's in charge of the Christmas party, but this year, he's getting usurped by the youth in the company who are throwing a disco dance party the night before his party, and stealing all his thunder!

He goes to talk to the boss about it, but by looking at this picture, it won't take much to see how far he's going to get with that! The boss is a little self-consumed!

Robert goes to check out the location of the other party and figures out that it's a banquet, not a disco! There's going to be a company merger, and he's not going to be invited to come along, so he gets a little bitter, and sloppy.....

.....And sort of accidentally starts the whole place on fire!

Robert gets a big stick in the eye when he finds out that he was wrong, and that it was a surprise Anniversary party for him that he ruined!
What a Mamón! What a Maroon!! What a Morley!!!

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