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THE MONKEES - "The Christmas Show" (December 25, 1967)

Happy Holidays, and welcome to the beginning of this Christmastide!

The Monkees had a pretty good show that ran two seasons from 1966 to 1968! For the most part, they're pretty stupid, but when you consider they were pumping them out once a week, it's pretty remarkable! This Christmas Show was from season two, episode 15, and was originally broadcast on Christmas day 1967! It looks like they live in "Pebble Beach!"

The story is about a snotty little rich kid named Melvin that the boys get conned into babysitting! Melvin doesn't like Christmas, and he doesn't like having fun! 
Melvin is played by Butch (Eddie Munster) Patrick!

In an effort to entertain Melvin, the boys try different things like going out to chop down their own Christmass Tree, but Mickey gets a poison ivy rash instead.

Peter goes on an unintentional joyride in a big department store on a Moped!

Davy gets to top a tree for the first time in his life, but topples the whole thing over at the same time!

Melvin is not entertained by the Monkees antics one bit, and goes back home where through a series of flashbacks of the way things could have been, he breaks down and sobs, and decides he needs to learn how to have fun!

Merry Christmas!!

Mickey and Davy try one last time to get Melvin to cheer up by going down his chimmney dressed as Santa Claus and an Elf! The timing is right and Melvin learns the joy of happiness!

After all the zaniness comes to a halt, the boys do a lovely accapella version of the mid 1500's Spanish folk song " Ríu Chíu!" The song was arranged by photographer extraordinaire Henry Diltz, Chip (Turtles, Monkees) Douglas, Cyrus Faryar, who was the narrarator on the whack 1967 album, "The Zodiac: Cosmic Sounds," and also was a producer with The Firesign Theatre! That elevates him to the next level in our book, and Jerry Yester of "The Lovin' Spoonful Fame!" All four of them were also members of The Modern Folk Quartet!

I don't really like all this talking about rebuilding arsehole nuclear arsenals!

What this world really needs is:
PEACE and Love!!!! 

Actually my favourite part of the whole show was during the ending credits where they bring the whole crew out on stage!

It seriously looks unscripted, and like........

........They were all having a whole lot of fun!!

It's good to see a large group of people clowning around!!

Oh, Yeah, and don't forget, 

They even bring out the Monkee Girls from the office!

Merry Christmas everybody!
I hope you're all having just as much fun as these people are, and if not, well, then get with it, you're running out of time!


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EEGAH!! said...

Thanx Randall! Merry Christmas!!

Lacey said...

Do not remember this episode and I thought I had seen them all.

Thanks and I will have to try and look this one up.

EEGAH!! said...

Hey Lace, Sorry, been kind of lazy lately with links! Here's where I found this copy on the Internet Archive! Enjoy, and Happy New Year!!!

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