Friday, December 30, 2016


I have a movie trailer compilation called ALL MONSTERS ATTACK! and I noticed that the title artwork was extra weird, so, I decided to end the year at The Dungeon with this post of very cool eye candy! So, sit back and enjoy the show...

I'll start with some Japanese titles. With trailers, the title can be placed over scenes different than the actual movie title card and the lettering is extra eye catching. This RODAN trailer card shows the big bird flying by, great colors...

Here are two different trailer cards from MOTHRA. The big moth was also known as THE THING!

This YOG title card has to be one of the finest pieces of title art I can remember. I love this spaced out movie, but, the DVD will cost you at least $45! You can get a DVD-R for about $15... So you know!

Love the ATRAGON title with its moving colors through the center. Let's face it, the Japanese had some of the coolest artwork from the fifties through the seventies!

Now we have the British flick, GORGO. I'm pretty sure Eegah!! and I saw the trailer, we definiterly saw the movie at the theater and had a copy of Famous Monsters #11 GORGO cover with the great artwork by Basil Gogos!

I love this REPTILICUS title card here, that red lettering just kicks royal ass, nice!

Things got elaborate for this card for VALLEY OF GWANGI, I love the rocky mountain landscapes in this movie, filmed in Spain!

Okay, now we have some nice black and white trailer title cards to check out, here is my personal favorite card, from Corman's IT CONQUERED THE WORLD!

The lettering for THE SHE-CREATURE here is insane! See what I mean, these title cards are truly wild and weird, designed to get a nice crowd at the showing of the movie!

Check out this CALTIKI card. Man, Eegah!! and I loved this crazy film, it kept you on the edge of your seat, especially if you were two 12 year old monster nuts!

Nice shadowed lettering on this ATTACK OF THE CRAB MONSTERS card. Even though this movie is a little hokey, I love it to pieces!

Wow!!.. This lettering for ATTACK OF THE GIANT LEECHES is simply the best! Eegah!! and I saw this one and got to hang out a bit with the director, Bernie Kowalski.

It still freaks me out a little when I remember that I was only 8 years old when I saw TARANTULA! Nice spidery lettering, what else!

More great stuff here with MONSTER FROM GREEN HELL... Boy, this is a strange movie!

Here is another card with insane lettering from THE SPIDER! The S looks like a freakin' snake!

We'll end with Dungeon Gal Pal, Allison Hayes, in her best known role in ATTACK OF THE 50 FOOT WOMAN... Okay, Eegah!! is back tomorrow with our last post of the year... Don't miss it.

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Grant said...

I saw RODAN today and it's as entertaining as always.
I also saw REPTILICUS. It's almost hard to explain the "hold" that one has in my case, but I know I'm in very good company.

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