Saturday, February 6, 2016

WILD WILD WINTER - "A Surfin' Snowball" (1966)

Tonight's salute to rock and roll in the movies is a lame attempt by Universal to make a foray into the bikini/beach party genre that American International was having success with!

I'm almost certain that some rocket surgeon brainbat said "Hey, if we just present a youth-oriented story with cute girls in bikinis and some rock and roll music, we'll be able to make some decent bucks" and away we go!

That's Dungeon legend Dick (Bucket Of Blood) Miller on the left as a petty hood!

These guys crack me up, they look like Star Trek rejects!

Jackie and Gayle perform "Our Love's Gonna Snowball!"
They also performed in another surfin' flick, "Wild On The Beach," and that was pretty much their whole career in a nutshell!

These beach bunnies were all told that they were given the only, and original award from surfin' champ Ronnie as portrayed by Gary (Missile To The Moon) Clarke!

The Beau Brummels were one of my favourite 60's bands! They were even once in an episode of "The Flintstones" appearing as The Beau Brummelstones!

Steve Franken had a long and varied career, but I'll always remember him as the rich and snooty rival of Dobie Gillis named Chatsworth Osborne Jr. In 2009 Steve played Cardinal Colbert in the movie adaptation of Dan Brown's "Angels and Demons!"

The Astronauts are back, and perform "A Change Of Heart!"

I was torn on what piece of music to share from "Wild Wild Winter," they're all pretty much good songs, but I think the tune called "Heartbeats" by Dick and Dee Dee is probably the most interesting of the bunch!

Just listening to Dick sing those weird ass high notes that make Frankie Valli sound like Barry White are enough to make the whole movie almost worth sitting through!
Dick and Dee Dee's biggest hit was without a doubt "The Mountains High" that reached #2 in 1961, but I also always really like their last hit four years later in 1965 called "Thou Shalt Not Steal" that charted at #13! What a great message!

"Wild Wild Winter" closes out with music from Jay and the Americans and a tune called "Two Of  A Kind" which ties in perfectly with what I'll have on tap for you come Wednesday!
On a completely unrelated subject, since Superbowl 50 is tomorrow, go and check out this story about the first Superbowl in 1967, and the amazing surprise hero of the game named Max McGee! It's most likely that you've never heard of Max, but once you read this short story, you'll never forget him I guarantee! It's one glorious tale that every true sports fan should know!

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