Saturday, February 13, 2016

DEVIL'S CARGO - "The Unwritten Law" - Falcon Pictures Corp. (1948)

Saturday the 13th, what does it mean? 
Time to get back to the basics!

"Devil's Cargo" was made in 1948, and lasts just a little over an hour, so they don't have a lot of time to waste! What the F it has to do with the devil's cargo is your guess is as good as mine!
Here's just a taste of the action to get you in the mood!

I'm pretty sure this was meant as a joke, and if it wasn't, then it sure should have been, because I mean, like, how lucky can you get?

This dude watches another guy go from the bank to a bowling alley!

"Devil's Cargo" stars John Calvert as 'The Falcon!' 
The Falcon's dog is named 'Brain Trust!'

John Calvert was not only a good actor but he was also a great magician, and he's able to showcase his magical talents in this role! He's in the Magician's Hall Of Fame, and pulled off one of the biggest tricks of all, living to the age of 102, and performing almost all the way to the end! He just passed away in 2013!

This is an interesting scene where The Falcon explains his uncanny resemblance to real-life magician John Calvert!

Location, location, location!

Rochelle Hudson sure as Hell had an interesting career! She was the voice of Honey, the cartoon character Bosko's girlfriend in the 30's, she was in the classic "Rebel Without A Cause," and in the 60's, she was in "Straight-Jacket," The Night Walker," and "Gallery Of Horror!"

Time for a night out on the town at the Flamingo Club!

I just dig the gal who is sitting at the table's two-tone outfit!

"Devil's Cargo" is a fairly simple tale, but it has a few twists!

It gets pretty exciting after a bomb goes off in a bowling alley locker!

Like what the Hell happened!

The Falcon's landlady has got a crush on him!

The Falcon like a lot of other celluloid heroes has been played by a number of different actors. I've read quite a lot of negative stuff about John Calvert's version, but since I'm not a Falcon purist, I had no problem at all with his portrayal of the character, in fact, I actually liked it!

The magician angle also provides some good clean comedy!

How cool is this? The Falcon drives a classic 1947 Studebaker!

Oh, how I yearn for the good olde days, when there were drivers licenses, not driver licenses, and Pluto was still a planet!

The jig is up!

Over the next couple of years, John Calvert was in two more 'Falcon' movies with pretty exciting titles, "Appointment With Murder," and "Search For Danger!"

It all ends right where it started, with The Falcon in the bathtub smoking a cigarette, but this time he's entertaining a cop instead of a killer!

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