Saturday, February 20, 2016

SELF MADE MAIDS - The Three Stooges - "Oh Baby!" (1950)

Once you get on a roll with the Stooges, it's hard to stop! So welcome back to the Saturday Night Special Stooge edition of Dwrayger Dungeon!

 "Self Made Maids" was made in 1950, and is one of the most energetic of all the Stooges shorts I've ever seen, at least for the first 7 or 8 minutes anyway!

And this is the major reason why!

 Seeing Larry, Moe, and Shemp decked out as three sisters named Larraine, Moella, and Shempetta is quite a wonder to behold, and will really open your eyes up to how good of actors these guys really were!

 And they play it to the hilt! Some of their female mannerisms are hilarious!
In this shot, Larraine is making adjustments and Shempetta has a run in her stocking!
Check out this short sound clip to cop a feel!

 And when they skip out of the room, you just can't help but snicker!

 The guys are artistes, and the girls are coming to get their portraits painted!

 Larry falls for Moella!

 Shemp goes after Larraine, and.......

 ........Moe thinks Shempetta is so hot it makes his blood boil! He has his hand on a thermometer that is about to explode from all the heat!

 Pretty amazing effect for 1950!

 The guys are trying to get the girls to hold still so they can get their portraits perfect!

But the flowers they were posing with were covered with ants!

 Moe even has the role of the girl's Father!
Shades of "Orphan Black" 64 years earlier!

 So the boys are coming to visit the sisters and meet their Father!

 Unfortunately, they met him earlier before they knew who he was, and it didn't go very well at all!
Consequently, when they meet again, the Father wants to kill Larry, Moe, and Shemp!

 As it winds down, there's a whole lot of chasing and running around in circles to no avail!

 If that wasn't enough, they also play these three guys........

The next thing you know is they're all married and have these wonderful and adorable children!
Now, THAT is a story!
If you want to see it, and I suggest you do, then once again, it's your lucky day thanks to those crazy people over at Youtube!

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