Wednesday, February 17, 2016

BRIDELESS GROOM (Colourized) - The Three Stooges (1947)

 You know, there are certain things I don't keep track of, but just kind of assume, like I assume I've seen every episode of "The Twilight Zone" and "Outer Limits," and probably every episode of  "The Three Stooges," but I don't honestly know any more. A lot of those viewings were a long time ago! Anyhow, that being said, I was playing a "Three Stooges" online slot the other night, and I didn't remember the exact episode, so I did a Youtube search, and bigger than shit, there it was, and it was in colour! Colourized B&W movies can take you aback if you're not ready for it, and I know a lot of purists hate them, but I have to admit, it looked pretty cool!

So let's get this show on the road already! Here's a great little Stooges tale titled
"Brideless Groom!"

Shemp is a vocal instructor with a very trying student! Give it a shot, and you'll hear what I mean!

Moe has just delivered the news that Shemp has inherited $500,00.00, but there is a catch, he either has to be married or get married in a matter of hours in order to get the money!

He calls every number in his little black book to no avail! Nobody will accept his marriage proposal!

Shemp drops something and because they're stooges, him and Moe get all tangled up inside a phone booth!

Outside Larry meets a girl who is interested in the marriage proposal until she gets a peek at Shemp at his best!

What a set-up for disaster!!

Shemp cleans up pretty good to make a pass at a neighbor who thinks he is a long lost cousin, and she's all over him until she gets a call from her real cousin! Then she blames the whole thing on poor Shemp! Christine McIntyre was a regular in a lot of Stooge shorts like "Punchy Cowpunchers," "Dopey Dicks," and "Three Hams On Rye!"

The only gal who seems to like Shemp is his vocal student Dee Green as Miss Fanny Dinkelmeyer! He doesn't really like her that much himself, but he's willing to do it for the money!

Fanny and Shemp are just about ready to tie the knot.........

.....When Shemp drops the ring inside of this piano!

There was an announcement on the radio that Shemp was going to inherit a fortune, so suddenly all the girls he was calling before now show up and want to marry him to get a piece of the action!

Well, it doesn't take a lot of imagination to figure out where this is all going! The stunning group of ex-girlfriends are Virgina (He Walked By Night) Hunter, Alyn (Blondie Knows Best) Lockwood, Judy (Two Nuts In A Rut) Malcolm, Nancy (The Ghost Talks) Saunders, and Doris (High Blood Pressure) Houck!

In a tussle, this gal ends up with a big hank of Larry's hair!

Doris Houck is the woman who is really putting the pressure on Shemp to marry her!!

Finally Shemp and Fanny are married, and Shemp bolts out of the room yelling "Help, Help!"
All hail Youtube for keeping this stuff alive!
You can watch it yourself right here!

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Anonymous said...

Shemp! My favorite Stooge! And in color? The mind boggles! :O

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