Friday, February 5, 2016

EEGAH!! & TABONGA! AT THE MOVIES 6 / The Early Sixties

After wasting hours trying to get sound clips from two different movies and numerous computer crashes trying to render a sound clip, I gave up and decided to do this. We got to see a lot of Roger Corman's best movies, the productions based on the great Edgar Allen Poe's stories...

THE PIT AND THE PENDULUM was both terrifying and terrific, Vinnie was at his absolute best after he totally flips out and pilots the giant pendulum toward maniacal mayhem! It also starred Barbara Steele and Antony Carbone.

We laughed our asses off watching THE RAVEN. It was so great to see Boris, Peter and Vinnie doing their thing together before they were all gone. Love those guys a lot...

Things got really weird with TALES OF TERROR. The stories were all excellent and filled with some exciting moments for our little brains. We got to see some great previews of the movie in FAMOUS MONSTERS Magazine which made for a scary time for all.

I have to admit, MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH was very depressing and my least favorite of the movies I'm featuring here. But, it was filled with lots of eye candy like the still shows.

COMEDY OF TERRORS was another super funny movie, the team of Vinnie and Peter as the murderous undertaker and helper was a perfect set up for fun. And, funny guy Joe E. Brown even had the role as the cemetery keeper.

It was a very special time for Eegah!! and I growing up back then, we loved the monsters and maniacs the most...

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