Wednesday, November 4, 2015

DEVIL RIDER - Heros of Cranberry Farm - "Master's Revenge" (1970)

"THE CYCLE JUNGLE OF HOT STEEL AND RAW FLESH! BLOOD & GUTS OF OUTLAWS ON WHEELS! BRUTAL VIOLENCE Turned On By Cool Chicks and Burning Rubber!" Yep, that's exactly how I would have described "Devil Rider" too!
 The thing I like the most about this poster is the mass of humanity on bikes streaming down the right hand side! That's about four thousand more bikers than are actually in this movie!

"Devil Rider" was re-released on tape as "Master's Revenge," which almost make as much sense as the movie itself! The director of "Devil Rider" was Brad F. Grinter, who also directed everybody's favorite turkey "Blood Freak!" "Devil Rider" is not exactly a good movie, and it sure could have used a turkey head or something, but if  you're a Brad F. Grinter completionist, then it's mandatory viewing for sure!

Ridgely Abele was a bonafide world class martial artist! I guess that's what they were trying to capitalize on! His girlfriend is Barry (The Dead One) Mahon's daughter Sharon ( I guess that was the other thing they were trying to capitalize on) in her sole outing! Barry was also the director of cinematography!

Without a doubt, the best thing about "Devil Rider" is this long jam by the Florida band known as Heros of Cranberry Farm at the beginning of the movie! They started out as The Squiremen IV, but other than that, it's hard to find out much about these guys. One guy is named Jim Oliver, and another one is named Jack Vino! Anybody with the real facts is more than welcome to contribute!!

Here's a couple of minutes of what I'm talking about!

She's mad at her martial arts instructor boyfriend, so she goes off with this bunch of Florida bikers led by this dude with an eye patch called The Champ! He's called The Champ because he was supposedly a championship boxer in the Navy!

The shirtless biker with the sombrero cracks me up!

So after what seems like a couple of hours, the girl is reported as missing and her super rich parents are worried about her, but the Mother is worried more about what her snooty friends will think! You can tell how rich they are by their opulent digs!

Just in case you get the shit kicked out of you, the restrooms are conveniently located nearby!

A couple of the biker girls get into a big ole kitty cat fight!

You have to admit that the shots of these neon signs are pretty cool!

The parents are so worried, they hire this private detective to find their daughter! Here he's seen questioning the girl's older sister who is a drunk and a hooker!

She tells him that she ended up this way because she was once raped by a gang of bikers herself, but in her case, the leader was called Playboy instead of Champ!

Finally after what seems like an eternity, Ridgely shows up to go one on one with The Champ, and save his girlfriend!

Ridgely kicks The Champ's ass, but then gets gutted by the guy in the sombrero!
Believe it or not, that's the whole thing!
You'll probably either love it or hate it, but to find out what side of the fence you're on, you can check it out for free right here on YouTube!

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