Monday, November 23, 2015

EEGAH!! & TABONGA! AT THE MOVIES 4 / The Early Sixties

The early sixties was a special time for Eegah!! and Tabonga! since we were able to see many horror and sci-fi movies at the theater when they were first released. We had Famous Monsters magazine to get us excited about upcoming productions too, but, things were starting to change. By around 1965 movies had lost a lot the magic of the fifties and their appeal for us. On top of that, we were in our mid-teens and there was those things called... Girls! The cherry on top was the British invasion and the music was irresistible, case closed.

GORGO was all over the pages of Famous Monsters and the other monster mags. We thought it was okay and enjoyed it, but, it didn't stack up against our favorites. This movie tried to capitalize on the popularity of Godzilla.

Oh, man, did we ever love this one! Blobs, we loved blobs, especially this one. It blindsides you at every turn and Max is totally creepy. Maybe our favorite part was when the doctors pulled a hunk of CALTIKI off of Max's arm, with the flesh melted away!

I'm sure we laughed a few times because these little BRAIN EATERS were nothing more than lint balls pulled by string and pipe cleaners for antennae... Wow, scary!

Also, there were these crazy shots with the camera set at weird angles, making us dizzy.

I have a rowdy little sound clip from 1987 of a tune by our garage band, Hermanos Guzanos, we all had Casio samplers at that time, what would you expect from artists? Here's some fun... BRAIN EATERS!

DOCTOR BLOOD'S COFFIN is a real weirdie, shots of the zombie in the monster magazines made him look very cool in the shadows. But, the flick was a little boring for us.

We really liked this one! THE MANSTER had tons of weird moments and kept us entertained from start to finish! See you again on Wednesday when Eegah!! invades The Dungeon!

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