Wednesday, November 18, 2015

DER FÄLSCHER VON LONDON - Martin Böttcher - "The Forger Of London" (1961)

It's time for another edition of Edgar Wallace Wednesday down in The Dungeon! 
Headed into the holidays, and you don't know what to give that someone special, well, then it might just be time to start thinking Edgar Wallace, the gift of writing that keeps on giving!

The original title of the film is "Der Fälscher Von London" and is based on the Edgar Wallace novel titled "The Forger!"

 Siegfried (The Brain) Lowitz as Oberinspektor Bourke pretty much steals the show!

A most uncomfortable marriage is arranged between Hellmut (FBI Operation Yellow Viper) Lange as Peter Clifton, and Karin (You Only Live Twice) Dor as his newly betrothed spouse Jane Clifton!

And there's a grand after wedding party that features some cool music by one of my favorite movie soundtrack composers, Maestro Martin (Dead Sexy) Böttcher!

This looks like a fine place to go on a honeymoon if you are a lonely vampire!
Schloss Herdringen (Herdringen Castle) is a castle in the German town of Arnsberg! It was built from 1844 to 1853!

This happy honeymoon couple is going to have to do some work on this relationship no doubt!

She's even got a separate bedroom! This marriage is going to require a lot of damage control!


Dungeon Darlin' Karin Dor does a great job of not knowing what the Hell is going on!

Not everybody is so happy about this marriage, first it's weapons........

.............Next it's dead bodies!

Eddi Arent makes a brief appearance as another one of his patented annoying characters, and then reappears at the end!

Karin Dor rocks this floral print!

My, my, how mobile communication has progressed over the past few years!

More than anything, "The Forger Of London" is a film about characters!

And more characters!

And even more characters!

Characters and atmosphere, that says it all!
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