Wednesday, August 19, 2015

VENTRILOQUIST CAT - Tex Avery (1950)

Got a busy week, so it's back to Cartoonland we go, and a visit with our old pal Tex! After all, how cool do you have to be to be named Tex? Musically, it's a no brainer with Tex (Froggy Went A Courtin') Ritter, Tex (Smoke, Smoke, Smoke) Williams, Tex (Glenn Miller) Beneke, but in the real world, the convicted killer Tex (Manson Family) Watson kind of stinks up the whole Tex mystique a bit!

"Ventriloquist Cat" is like a lot of other cartoons, whereas it is basically nothing but a series of gags strung together! Here's a condensed one minute sound sample for you!

Cartoons with these kind of themes are no longer acceptable in modern politically correct society!

And hate speech is not acceptable behaviour!

The dastardly mean cat finds just the right combination of garbage!

And pastes it right onto the dog's mug!

The cat hides in a crate that is full of fireworks and other things like........

.....A  "Be A Ventriloquist" kit!

I swear this was the same ad that used to be on the back cover of comic books!

SO the cat puts it to good use! He throws his voice everywhere, and what does the dog find each and every time?

A giant firecracker, what else?

That was the cool thing about cartoons in the 50's, you could get your whole face blown off and it didn't hurt much and you didn't die! Better times for sure!

This is what Tex Avery thought your face would look like after looking into a drain where there was a giant firecracker getting ready to explode!

The dog has had enough and decides to go another route!

The attached tail really makes the ensemble complete!

The cat falls for it, of course!

But when the truth be known.........

I can't ever get enough of the way they used to illustrate what it looked like to be scared! Those were two great examples!

The Doors of Perception are now closed! "This is The End my friends!"

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