Wednesday, August 12, 2015

GORILLA MY DREAMS - Robert McKimson - Mel Blanc - Carl Stalling (1948)

Time for another Wednesday Cartoon Jamboree down in The Dungeon!

You might could go looney, but you can't hardly go wrong with Looney Tunes!

I've always liked the wise guy smart aleck character of Bugs Bunny!

Tonight's feature is titled "Gorilla My Dreams!"

Bugs is chillin' in this barrel out in either The Indian or The Atlantic Ocean! He's doing just fine, and he doesn't really need any help!

BINGZI - BANGZI - The sign says it all!

It is a bit of an exaggeration though, there's nothing ferocious about this crew, except when their library books are due!

There's only one problem in paradise, Mrs. Gruesome Gorilla wants a baby, but her husband Mr. Gruesome Gorilla wants nothing to do with the idea!

Enter our stalwart hero! Double B himself is found floating down the river and snagged by Mrs. Double G!!

It's love at first sight, and Mrs. G has finally got the baby she always wanted!

Mrs. G gets Bugs all set up with a diaper and a bonnet, but Mr. G is not having a good time!

Mr. G does everything in his power to lose his new son!

Later on, in the 60's, in a lot of cartoons, it seemed like they stopped paying attention to details in the background, but sure as Hell not in 1948! This simple little cartoon is filled with gorgeous detailed backgrounds like this!

In the end, Bugs Bunny once again takes it to the edge!

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