Wednesday, August 5, 2015

CONGO JAZZ - Bosko (1930)

Talk about Looney Tunes, day before yesterday, I was ready to call it quits! I got my free upgrade to Windows 10, and the software I use to make the sound clips for this blog didn't work anymore! I've been through this before, and then I started wondering if it's even worth it to do this any longer. I restored my computer back to Windows 8.1 which I personally don't have a problem with, and everything seems to work fine again, so I'm still here! (FYI, If you upgrade to Windows 10, and you don't like it, you have 30 days to restore it back to whatever previous edition you might have had! After 30 days, you're stuck with it!)

So how's about a little "Congo Jazz" from 1930 to liven things up a bit?

Unlike today, back in 1930, it was okay to make jokes about hunting!

I watched a lot of Bosko cartoons as a kid, and he wasn't exactly my favourite character, but after watching this again, it made me realize why I like old timey music so much, because it was literally pounded into my head as a child in a lot of these cartoons! Now, this cartoon was way before my time, but they played the heck out of these things on TV in the 60's!

I've been on the lookout for a something with an ostrich in it, so I could tell you a couple of random ostrich facts I learned a couple of weeks ago after a visit to an ostrich ranch! I don't really think this bird is an ostrich, but it's big, and that's good enough! One of the neatest things I learned about ostriches is that they are immune to all disease, and can live to be about 75 years old! Ostriches also have double eyelids, and really bad depth of field in their vision! Although being very large birds, their brains are about the size of nickel, so they have literally almost no memory! You could insult one, and two seconds later, it would be your pal again because it would have already forgot it! Whatever you do, don't loan them any money!

So let's get this jungle party rocking with a little number called "I'm Crazy for Cannibal Love" written by Edward Ward and Al Bryan!

All the jungle creatures play different instruments, but I'm sorry, this really doesn't look right!

As you'll hear in the sound clip. everybody gets into the act in some form or another!

This will probably get Tabonga's sap a flowing, arguably the sexiest palm tree in town!

This elephant is literally tooting his own horn!

Now I remember what I found so distasteful about Bosko, it didn't happen in this cartoon, but in a lot of them, he always ate with his mouth open! 
What a joker, even the hyenas are in stiches!

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