Monday, August 3, 2015

OFFBEAT / Guzbro Productions / Cable Access TV - 1992

Get ready for All-Over-The-Place August with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon... I'm going to mix it up real good with a lot of variety this month, today I'm focusing on a cable access show we produced back in Chatsworth, CA. We did ten episodes before calling it quits and were selected to be featured on the national TV show hosted by Fred Willard, ACCESS AMERICA, season 2, they loved us!! We were ready to celebrate when we got the word that the show had been cancelled...

Our show consisted of our gang, The Offbeatniks, going into space for adventures and while we tried to figure things out when a problem occurred, we would show videos from various underground bands (from around the world) that sent their submissions in to Eegah!! for approval. We used green screen for backgrounds that I created and taped.

I have a fun little sound clip for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our crashed space ship, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula!.. Here's a sample of... OFFBEAT!

Offbeatnik roll call... Here's Race saluting something!

B. A. is basically the leader of the spaced out weirdos!

Dizzy got his name because he's very blonde!

Skitch Ion is our big guy and cook, specializing in fried b'lony sammiches.

And, here's Galaxie, our female companion, played by Christy Taylor. Christy has 12 acting credits including THE MAKING OF '...AND GOD SPOKE' and a an episode of MARRIED WITH CHILDREN. While we were taping our shows, her agent told her to stay away from us!

Here's the gang in their giant converted espresso coffee maker space ship.

And, some close ups of the guys (and girl) as they fly through space wearing their shades.

John Bartles sent in a number of interesting videos, this one accompanied by a jazzy horn.

Also in the sound clip is a small segment from The Sleepwalkers doing 'Lie, Cheat and Steal.'

In my favorite episode, the gang (Skitch couldn't make the taping) use their way-out gadget to transport themselves to various places in the universe, never knowing exactly where they would end up...

The first place they end up is on this weird surrealistic world. Cut to a video while they ponder what to do next...

This time they end up as mini duplicates in their own space ship!

They land in rock 'n' roll earthquake world where they shake and shimmy their asses off!

Race is an idiot, he lands them on the freakin' Sun!

The guys were drinking too much espresso and have to relieve themselves at the space latrine!

We also got a ton of submissions from The Church Of The Sub-Genius and their leader, Bob!

Then, there's our pal Al Perry doing his rendition of a famous cowboy tune, go Al...

This is from a little piece by Hermanos Guzanos called 'A Little Too Happy.'

A nice shot from the end of one of our shows...

Here at The Dungeon, it's all for fun, but, when something like this happens, we go a little berserk with rage. Trophy (fenced) hunting is nothing but pure evil, and, those wealthy bitch hunters would have us believe that God put all the animals here on Earth just for them to simply kill, skin, decapitate (boy, sounds a lot like what the Nazis did!) and mount their heads on plaques in their homes so they can beat their chests in admiration of their unearthly prowess, and to brag to their drunk friends about what such great ass holes they all are. Here's what I'd like... Take the doctor who killed Cecil, he needs to be thrown in a fenced jungle area and then be chased by a pack of wild hyenas! Now, that would be REAL poetic justice!!


Lawson Desrochers said...

Love your blog, and fun to see some of your own work, too, hilarious! Since Mr. Ackerman is such a big part of this site, I thought you and your readers would enjoy the following link that KCET just put up on YouTube for the world to enjoy!! Huell Howser meets the Man himself, and a tour of the "Old Dark House" to boot! Check it out!!

Eegah!! said...

That was sound advice from Christy's agent! A very striking gal, I never was quite sure why she put up with us! She was also one of the Sirens in the Coen Brother's "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" and she graced the cover of Maxim magazine a couple of times! For some mysterious reason "Offbeat" is not listed in her IMDB acting credits!!

TABONGA! said...

We don't do this very often, but since this is in the comments section... Eegah!! is Dizzy and Tabonga! is Race.

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