Friday, August 28, 2015

THE ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN / The Gentle Monster - 1958

I recently bought all 6 seasons of this great show on DVD, so, here's episode 21 from seasons 5-6 that features a robot and is in color, seasons 1-2 were in b/w, seasons 3-6 were in color.

Below are three great shots of Superman/Clark Kent from the beginning of each adventure. I find these to be so cool looking, the colors kick ass and George looks terrific in the role of our hero...
I've got a sound clip from this episode for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button over by our Dungeon Capes, NOW, Rufus The Gnat!.. Here's a fun little sample from... THE GENTLE MONSTER!

Here are Jimmy, Lois, Professor Pepperwinkle (appeared in other episodes) and his metal creation, Mr. McTavish, as heard in the sound clip.

Mr. McTavish likes to look at the pictures in this book since he can't read!

Then, he crushes a rock with his hand and gives the sand to Lois...

Superman shows up only to become ill after getting close to the robot and has to leave. Obviously, there is some Kryptonite somewhere in Mr. McTavish. By the way, this robot was originally made for THE BOWERY BOYS MEET THE MONSTERS in 1954.

Here are the bad guys planning their next move, they want to robot to kill Superman...

I like this shot showing Clark's office, love those rippled fiberglass panels! They used those mostly for patio roofing back then...

Back to the action, the bad guys go to the professor's place and steal the robot. Check out the face push one dude puts on the professor!

Two very cool looking shots as the guys roll down the road in their vintage autos.

Another shot I like, if I had a workshop, I'd want it to look about like this. You know, with a robot and helpless tied up dame... What power that would be!!

Great ending, Superman catches the bad guys and takes their bomb away from them, a funny scene where our hero threatens to let the bomb go off in their presence unless they each sign a confession and promise to stay put until he returns, which they quickly do...

The big guy flies into the air where the bomb safely detonates, case closed! Check in tomorrow when Greg Goodsell fills in for Eegah!! with a great Saturday Night Special

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Lacey said...

I discovered the Superman series when it started airing on ME-TV and was surprised at how good the series was. Today they seem to have real problems coming up with story ideas for the flood of superheros. They did not seem to have this problem in the 1950s.

My guess is that today their hearts are not really into it.

Thanks for the post.

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