Friday, April 3, 2015

SANTO CONTRA LOS SECUESTRADORES / Oro Films, Producciones Puerto Mex Films - 1973

It's time to bring in Santo for a south of the border stomp romp in Ecuador! The story involves our hero getting the call from Interpol to investigate the kidnapping of Pedro Miller, a former counterfeiter. Interpol believes that Miller is being forced to work for a counterfeiting ring, so, Santo tracks down the bad guys and puts them out of business. Alternate title is SANTO vs. THE KIDNAPPERS.

Before the credits roll, Santo is seen fending off about 25 tough dudes at the pier, seriously!

We've got a little sound clip from this flick for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button over by our pile of Monopoly money, NOW, Rufus The Gnat!.. Here's a taste of... SANTO CONTRA LOS SECUESTRADORES!

I suppose if I wore a silver mask around town I'd get a bunch of rubberneckers too!

Santo goes to the club in Ecuador to see the voluptuous Rossy Mendoza do her thing!

Santo and his girlfriend are being followed by a black Plymouth and Santo has to fight the goons inside after being cut off. This time though, the cops have to save Santo!

The bad guys escape wearing their cool monster masks... Being incognito is a freakin' blast!

Santo's pal checks out Rossy's chichis!..

The announcer introduces Rossy one more time as she dances to the tunes in the sound clip...

I love this shot of Santo just lounging on his bed in the hotel room with hot pink walls.

Of course there's plenty of wrasslin' with Santo's hand being raised in victory once again!

The leader of the counterfeit ring finally shows his mask. Jeez, if I were a villain, I wouldn't be caught dead riding around in that super girlie helicopter, especially in the middle of the day!!

I'm showing this scene because of those wild 'n' weird walls, man, I love Ecuador!

This a fitting shot to end with, and, that's my favorite guy on the left, Mr. Spider Arm, Fernando Osés. We'll be back tomorrow with another offering from the Dungeon Gang!


I Am Not A Robot! said...

Vamos a Gozar Santo! Numero Uno Siempre! Ai Ai Aieeee!!!

Grant said...

I've definitely never seen enough "Luchadores" movies (though oddly enough I read about them more than I see them, thanks to sites like this one). I have seen two of these early ' 70s ones, LEYENDAS MACABRAS DE LA COLONIA and MISION SUICIDA. They don't seem to be very well-liked even by fans of these movies, but I think they're entertaining (the second one is an all-out spy movie and the first one is partly a "period" horror movie).

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