Monday, April 20, 2015


Here we go with a new week of fun at The Dungeon, we'll start with this Italian production from the early sixties about a newlywed couple finding themselves menaced by a bloodthirsty vampire. The alternate US title is CURSE OF THE BLOOD GHOULS as seen in the double bill poster above. The top billed movie in this poster is better known as THE BLOOD BEAST TERROR starring Peter Cushing.

This cute little fanged gal is getting ready for...

We have a screaming little sound clip from this vintage flick, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button located there by our bloody vampire stake, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula!.. Here's... THE SLAUGHTER OF THE VAMPIRES!

Like any Euro vampire movie, there are plenty of women for old Drac to sink his fangs into.

Dieter Eppler plays the vampire that has come back to cause more mayhem. Dieter was also in THE TORTURE CHAMPER OF DR. SADISM, DEATH AND DIAMONDS and DEEP END.

It's not long before our vampire creep is tasting the warm blood of mesmerized women.

At one point, he's caught lurking around outside by the hubby of this gal taking a bath!

Now it's time for the vampire girlies to return the favor. I've said this before, but, one of my greatest dreams was when I was being chased around by some teenage vampire girls in nightgowns in a dark old 2-story house!

Here's a great shot of Drac climbing stairs trying to get away while being pursued.

During the climax, Drac has these two potential victims in his sights.

But, unfortunately during a fight with our hero, Drac gets a metal gate spike through his evil beating heart, bringing our tale to an abrupt end! We will be back on Wednesday with another Dungeon lollipop of terror!!


Unknown said...

Dear Eegah and Tabonga,

Wow! did you guys just tap into a memory cap! I remember seeing this double feature in 1968 at the Regent theater in Elizabeth, NJ. I remember being so pissed off to discover that "Curse of the Blood Ghouls" was actually "Slaughter of the Vampires." That's because I had gone to two other double features in the past year where it was the second feature as well! And on top of that, it was playing on local TV too! But at least the lovely Italian actresses were easy on a 12-year old's eyes!

Thank you so much for running this site. It's a blast coming here every week. Love you guys for keeping the flame alive!

Phil Smolen

TABONGA! said...

Wow Philip, thanks for the comment, I always like it when some personal history is involved. Funny, I was thinking, I don't ever remember seeing this title playing on TV in California, but thought it was probably known on the east coast more for some reason, don't know why I thought that, and you saw it in NJ... Anyway Philip, please feel free to contribute to the conversation, it's always appreciated by these two old monsters!

Eegah!! said...

I'll throw in my two cents on this one too! Thanx Phillip! It's nice to know when somebody appreciates what we're trying to do! It's a lot of work to have so much fun!

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