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Hello everbloody, welcome to a special 2000th post celebrating our awesome fan site... And, what better way than to focus on the amazing work of Dungeon God, Mr. Paul Blaisdell. This time I'll present all his full-sized creatures, on Friday, I'll focus on the other elements of his work in Hollywood. So, sit back and enjoy the show!..

Forry Ackerman was very impressed with Paul's work in the early fifties and became his agent, opening the door for him in movies, another reason to adore Forry. So, his first full-sized costume was for the 1955 Corman classic, DAY THE WORLD ENDED, which he wore himself.

Next came his wild looking Venusian cucumber monster, named Beulah by Paul, in another Corman production from 1956, IT CONQUERED THE WORLD. Paul also piloted the monster.

His most complex monster came in the form of THE SHE-CREATURE later in 1956, Paul wearing her too. Paul rigged the claws on her stomach to move like pinchers but director Edward Cahn told him not to use that effect as it would be too intense for the audience. That's pretty funny considering the things you see in the coming years! Paul referred to the claws as "lunch hooks."

Paul also wore the VOODOO WOMAN costume in this hard to find 1957 movie. What gets me about this one is its eyes! They are almost bug-like and really creepy, love that blond wig too.

They had to bring in the little guys (including Angelo Rossitto) to wear the main costumes in INVASION OF THE SAUCER-MEN, also from 1957. Plus, Paul even wore a costume for close ups and did the crawling hand effects! Again, what classic monsters, wow!!! I used the best still I could find to showcase their eeriness. Awesome British poster to boot!!

Allied Artists asked Paul to design a jungle tree monster named TABONGA for their 1957 movie, FROM HELL IT CAME. My favorite part is when the thing is lumbering down a long path chasing two natives.

Then, Allied Artists asked Paul to design the monster for IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE in 1958. Paul brought the costume in for the first day of shooting but when the actor, Crash Corrigan, tried to put it on, it was too small for his large head and Paul had to take it back to his workshop and redo it. And, that's why you see Corrigan's big nose in the creature's shadow at the beginning of the movie when it enters the ship's hold because he's not wearing one!

Alas, this is Paul's last monster costume used in 1959 for THE GHOST OF DRAGSTRIP HOLLOW, where he actually plays himself as a disgruntled Hollywood quantity.

So, we'll see you again on Friday when I bring you part 2 of Paul's story. But, don't forget to show up on Wednesday when Eegah!! drops in from the big old void!


Dr. Theda said...

Great post....!!!!!
Such wonderful Monsters....(and with such a limited budget)

TABONGA! said...

Hi Doc, thanks, part 2 should prove to be very interesting, it will include other acting roles and things less known about him..

Grant said...

I've always liked his cameo at the end of DRAGSTRIP HOLLOW.
Although his remark to the "Amelia" character - "Who made YOUR costume?" - is very far-fetched, since that actress is practically the hottest one in the movie!

TABONGA! said...

I have a big crush on Sanita!

Lacey said...

Unsung heroes of my youth. These brave people, on shoestring budgets, created the freight we all loved as children. Behind a couch, under the blankets, behind the cushion fort all to protect ourselves from the monsters these men made.

Good post.
Can't wait for the next one.

Randall Landers said...

Great post! Thanks!

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