Friday, April 24, 2015

THE GIANT OF METROPOLIS / Centroproduzione SpA - 1961

It's about time for some sword and sandal here at The Dungeon, this time our muscular strongman Ohro travels to the capital of Atlantis to rebuke its godlessness and becomes involved in the battle against its evil lord Yoh-Tar and his devious super-science schemes. The movie is from 1961, which we can tell you was a great year for 13 year olds like we were!

Here's a funny little story about how easily one can be confused with some of these movie titles... I made the sound clip for our movie months ago and loaded it up on our sound storage site along with a pile of other clips from the movies I've been posting. So, I went to find a poster for the movie but I had mistakenly named the clip THE GIANT OF MARATHON, a similar title. Okay, I find the poster and it stars Steve Reeves, and, I'm thinking... What The Hell. Finally, I figured out what had happened and renamed the sound clip and got the right poster. I noticed the star was Gordon Mitchell, but, I'm thinking Gordon Scott, which again, didn't make any sense! Then, notice the poster, that is NOT Gordon Mitchell shown there and his name is freakin' Mitchell Gordon!!!

I've got a sound clip from this flick for your approval, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button over by our Midget Of Dungeon, NOW, Rufus The Gnat!.. Here's a taste of... THE GIANT OF METROPOLIS!

Ohro shows up too late to help his people but is asked to go to Atlantis to confront their supreme enemy, Yoh-Tar, and his use of super-science weaponry. Gordon was one interesting guy, born in Denver, Co and raised in Inglewood, CA, He was in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, THE YOUNG LIONS, LI'L ABNER, RIO BRAVO, SPARTACUS, ATLAS AGAINST THE CYCLOPS, STAR PILOT, BORN TO KILL, CRAZY WESTERNS, THE WINGS OF WAR, FINDERS KILLERS, COFFIN FULL OF DOLLARS, FRANKENSTEIN '80, THE GODFATHER SQUAD and EVIL SPAWN.

Atlantis is actually a pretty cool place (nice sets), only, it's run by a royal rat-ass bitch.

On his way there, Ohro is captured by Yoh-Tar's men, they use devious, sharpened metal claw rakes to subdue him.

Here you go, a nice portrait of Yoh-Tar, head maggot in charge...

Ohro is put through a number of insane challenges but he always comes out on top.

Then, this crusty old fart shows his ugly puss to throw in his two cents worth.

Next, Ohro has to go up against this big old mean brute, but, after a long brutal battle our hero uses a club to knock some sense into the terrifying hulk...

This all really pisses off Yoh-Tar, so, he puts Ohro under the lamp!

Ohro survives the lamp and is surprised when one of Yoh-Tar's men wants to help him. After Ohro escapes, Yoh-Tar's guards find the traitor and cut his throat with a claw rake.

After Ohro finds his friend dead, he pays Yoh-Tar a little visit...

Kill the SOB, Ohro!! Kill that dog turd, NOW!!!

It doesn't matter, the place is ready to blow. The earth beneath Atlantis is sinking into the ocean, and, our tale is over... Tune in tomorrow when Eegah!! takes over The Dungeon!


Grant said...

This is one Peplum film I know very badly, though I saw it once and liked it.
When it comes to the ones with science fiction, a lot of people seem to prefer it to CONQUEROR OF ATLANTIS, though I've always been very funny about that one.

Joe Kenney said...

Hey man, you should upgrade to the remastered widescreen/English subtitled version Craig has over at I got mine from him about 6 years ago and it looks great!

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