Saturday, April 25, 2015

ORPHAN BLACK - Season One (2013)

Anyone who reads this blog knows we're deeply rooted in the past, sometimes to the point of being out of touch with what's happening currently! I've been watching "Orphan Black," the first season on Amazon for the last week or two, and I'm here to tell you that I think it's every bit as good as "Breaking Bad," and probably better than "The Walking Dead!" This poster is some anonymous fan art that really hits the nail on the head!

If you're up to date on BBC TV, you probably wonder why I'm talking about this show since it's been on for two years now, and just starting it's third season, and the reason is, not everybody knows everything all the time, and if I can turn one person onto this show, then I will feel like I've accomplished something, it's that good, and besides, I need a freakin' break, and I still need to watch season two myself!!

29 year old Canadian Tatiana Maslany is a most talented actress! She already has 51 acting credits to her name, and that doesn't include the multiple roles she is able to play in just one production like this!

"Orphan Black" is a show about clones, and in the first season, Tatiana plays at least seven different characters, a street urchin, a police detective, a soccer Mom, a brainiac, a German girl, a beyond krazy girl, and a snooty rich evil businesswoman! She's so good, you actually forget it's her playing all the roles!

Jordan Gavaris plays the gay foster brother Felix, and is almost equally amazing even though he's only playing one character! The rest of the cast is fleshed out by an awesome array of talent too!

So that's it, if you watch "Orphan Black" already, then you know how good it is, if you don't, then you've got some fun catching up to do! Now, it's time for me to go back into the past! I've got a 1920's murder mystery party to go to tonight! If I'm not the victim, then I'll be back on Wednesday with more movie madness!

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