Monday, April 14, 2014


Welcome to Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Here's my last installment in this series of favorite fifties and sixties monster flicks. Still, I vote the fifties monsters the greatest of any decade, how lucky for us to grow up at that time, enjoy!

THE ANGRY RED PLANET - 1959 / This could be the first flick that Eegah!! and I saw together as a monster team. I love this Bat Rat Spider creature, truly, one of the top 10 most terrifying creations from the fifties!

Here's a drawing I did when I was sweet 16, you can see how seriously I took those monsters.

THE BEAST FROM 20,000 FATHOMS - 1953 / This is the first monster movie I saw when my parents took me to see it at the beautiful Tulare Theater in 1953, when I was just 5 years old! That's the scene I remember the most, at the roller coaster ride in the amusement park.

FIRST MAN INTO SPACE - 1959 / I like this flick, and, watch it quite a bit. Another unique creation, pilot Dan Prescott gets covered in meteor dust when he ventures too far into space in his rocket plane!

THE FLAME BARRIER - 1958 / Saw this one with my neighbors in 1958, this shot of the multiplying blob from space brought to Earth in a satellite still gives me the creeps! Fairly mind bending for a youngster with a vivid imagination...

FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER - 1958 / Now, here's a wild and crazy flick! It remains a favorite for a number of reasons, like, those bug eyes by my favorite fifties makeup artist, Harry Thomas, I always enjoy watching Sally Todd, who becomes the monster, and, I used to live a block away from where Page Cavanaugh and his Trio (who did the rock and roll music at the pool party) played nightly at a fancy Italian restuarant in LA in the eighties and nineties.

GODZILLA, KING OF THE MONSTERS! - 1956 / Godzilla was a truly terrifying monster in this one. Godzilla was a metaphor for the horror of Japan being bombed by two atomic bombs in 1945! There was a total of 15 Godzilla movies made through the seventies.

I WAS A TEENAGE FRANKENSTEIN - 1957 / I didn't get to see this one at the time, but, I remember walking by the theater displaying the double bill posters for it and I WAS A TEENAGE WEREWOLF! Great makeup on the muscular hunk, Gary Conway.

INVADERS FROM MARS - 1953 / Saw this one on TV in the mid-fifties, it always left me with a very depressed feeling. Shown are two giant Martian mutants in the spaceship hidden beneath the earth, they're holding the beautiful Helena Carter and 12 year old Jimmy Hunt.

THE MONSTER THAT CHALLENGED THE WORLD - 1957 / Here's another movie with an awesome monster! This staged shot of the creature holding the shapely Audrey Dalton was used for the poster art, I'm pretty sure. I used to have the lobby card showing the monster.

NOT OF THIS EARTH - 1957 / Saw this one in 1957... Paul Birch looked totally wicked when he removed his sun glasses, I think Corman used a special type of film for the closeups of his eyes because it has a weird glow to it. Also, Paul Blaisdell's shocking Umbrella Monster puts the icing on the cake!

A little reminder, I'll be doing a special All-Blaisdell post soon, so, you'll want to check that one out for sure!

RETURN OF THE FLY - 1959 / Saw this in the Tulare Theater with my cousins, even though the budget for this one was far less than the original, the large fly head really came on strong! I also like the freaky part where the detective ends up with guinea pig hands and feet.

RODAN - 1956 / Caught this one for the first time on TV, Rodan and his mate were very cool looking creatures, but, the creepiest parts had the giant subterranean insects, the Meganulon! Here's a shot showing one of them clearly.

TARANTULA - 1955 / Saw this one with my neighbors, and, freaked me out good, especially the diseased scientists and Leo G. Carroll shown here in the photo!! It was double billed with THE WEREWOLF.

Tune in Wednesday when Eegah!! will present another twisted little flick!


Grant said...

I know I'm repeating a lot of people by saying this, but there's almost never been a movie that made a great big VIRTUE out of its cheapness like ANGRY RED PLANET. It's just extremely lucky that the budget forced them to be so imaginative in order to get around it.

Randall Landers said...

Love these monsters and their movies! Awesome memories with all of them!

Dr. Theda said...

Fires Monster Movie that I remember as a Kid was Valley of Gawangi" at the drive-in....

TABONGA! said...

Doc T, we have something in common there, Ray Harryhausen!..

Anonymous said...

When I originally saw "Invaders from Mars" in the 60's on TV here in Australia, it had the alternate British ending. When I saw it again in the 70's, it was the original American ending. I like 'em both.

Thanks again for making my day!


TABONGA! said...

Hi Paul, one of the latest DVD releases of INVADERS FROM MARS has both American and British versions - in the British version, Arthur Franz shows Jimmy Hunt a number of spaceships when they're at the observatory, one is the model of the Martian saucer that lands in the sand dunes!

Lacey said...

You list Invaders From Mars but did not show the Martian leader??? They dude freaked me out for years. I had nightmares about him and my dad would not let me watch scifi movies for years after that.

Greg Goodsell said...

Jimmy Holt makes the convention circuit now and then --

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