Friday, April 4, 2014

TABONGA'S BLUES - AKA "Beatsville" (1960)

Hey!!  I just got the word from Tabonga that his computer crashed, so rather than leave you high and dry with no place to go and nothing to do on a Friday night, here's a couple of mouldy crumbs I found in a corner on the floor of The Dungeon basement that you can enjoy while he's busy beating his head against the wall!

Speaking of beatings, 1960 was a great year for beat movies, and here's a couple of quick samples why: In America, it was "The Beatniks!" Oh, my, "Love Is A Thief!"

And in The UK, it was "Beat Girl" and "I Did Just What You Told Me!"

If you want to know more about either of these films, here are links to the original posts!

"The Beatniks"  and "Beat Girl"

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Grant said...

I'm certainly not alone in this, but I know THE BEATNIKS due to the MST3K episode. It's very entertaining to see Peter Breck (of all people) overacting the way he does. I don't know whether he was exactly proud of it later on, but I'm glad he did it.
And of course it gave MST3K one of their most popular running jokes, the "Shut up, Iris" line.

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