Wednesday, April 2, 2014

THE MICROSCOPIC LIQUID SUBWAY TO OBLIVION - Bill Conti - Marcello Gigante - "And It's All Happening Here" (1970)

 Tear down the fences, and burn down your bras, it's a free concert! It's a Free Concert!!

The main feature of "The Microscopic Liquid Subway To Oblivion" is Ewa Aulin, every young man's dream in 1968 for her starring role as "Candy!" For some reason I'm sure she can explain, Ewa was also the associate producer of this film!

"The Microscopic Liquid Subway To Oblivion" is edited in some kind of chop and hack style that hardly makes any sense at all! Either that or the only remaining copy was chopped to bits in order to save it from further destruction!  Either way, to watch it, you can't help but wonder why you didn't choose to watch "Manos: The Hands Of Fate" again instead! Oh, that's right, Ewa Aulin is in it! Here she is as Miss Elizabeth!

This is Elizabeth's husband John, a University Professor who thinks he knows it all, especially when it comes to drug abuse! In reality, he's pretty stupid! One of the kids at the skool has committed suicide, so John is inviting the rest of the gang to his house for the weekend, so they can relax!

The guy playing the dick named John is none other than Alex, "The Incredible Melting Man" himself, Rebar!

The jagged rock hipster whatever music scattered throughout the movie is undoubtedly the best part, and was written by Bill Conti and Marcello Gigante! I have no clue who the musicians might be, but Here's just a taste of what's inside!

I'm not exactly sure why, but this picture reminds me a lot of my ex-wife in her better days!

John is a freakin' weirdo of the highest caliber!

This is Billy, a poor bastard stuck smack in the middle of a bad drug habit! Billy was played by Carlo De Mejo, who was also in "The Dead Are Alive," "City Of The Living Dead," and "The House By The Cemetery!"

Out of the 85 minutes this movie is running, I'm going to guess at least 15 minutes is just this group of stinkin' hippies hiking, camping and  cavorting about from morning to night!

Even though she's really cute, Elizabeth is also hooked on a strange blend of acid and heroin!

And she will do anything this loser Billy asks of her just to get some more of that junk+!

After she gets her fix, Elizabeth is so happy, she frolics around like a child chasing a butterfly!

In order to try and kick it cold turkey, Billy ties his own self to his bed, but since he's been banging the Professor's wife and giving her heroin etc, benevolent John does him a favor and shoots him up since Billy can't do it himself!

I did tell you that Ewa Aulin was in this movie, right?

So, why did I show you two pictures from the end of the movie with these guys on motorcycles holding flares? Because it's a scene that went on for like 10 minutes, so it must have great meaning!

 Wow, in some kind of nutjob nutshell, that about says it all!


iain said...

"Ewa Aulin, every young man's dream in 1968"
Well, every *straight* young man's dream! Nonetheless a beloved film I saw back in 1968 at my local Essoldo cinema in Southend. Loved the soundtrack and practically wore out the album (nice that Soderbergh used the final 'Ascension to Virginity' track in one of his 'Ocean's 11' movies.) And not to forget Anita Pallenberg as James Coburn's nurse!

Eegah!! said...

Gay or straight. c'mon Iain, everybody loves "Candy!"

Greg Goodsell said...

This was at one item a hot item on the gray video market! Love the theme song!

Greg Goodsell said...

DEATH SMILES ON A MURDERER is another essential Ewa Aulin title.

Jett said...

SPOILER ALERT! Henry is John's nerdy student sidekick he has convinced to let him handle everything,until Ewa tells Henry there's no way Billy could have fallen asleep while in withdrawal. Henry checks Billy's bedroom,finds John giving him more heroin and knocks him down. He and Elizabeth get Billy downstairs. Billy is dying and Henry goes to get the car as John screams of his own brilliance,but John has stolen part of the engine. Henry hears Elizabeth scream and rushes back in to find that Billy has injected John with the heroin needle. Billy collapses and goes into withdrawal and spits up. John goes even more insane and the disillusioned Henry taunts him,asking Elizabeth about his manhood and size!!! Elizabeth realizes Billy is dead and screams. Henry takes her to the kitchen to find the car part and call an ambulance,but John has the car part on him,flips out over Billy's body and carries it out to the car. He then fixes the engine and drives off with Billy's body as Elizabeth chases after the car. One of the things the hippies did in the woods that afternoon was build an effigy of Billy and put a sign on it singing (pun intended)his praises,so it's ironic that John ends up driving with Billy's body in front of the hippies in bikes that evening carrying flares and honks his horn in vain trying to pass and hallucinates moss is growing over the windshield until finally he crashes the car and is killed. Weird! And we needed to see more of Ewa's legs.

EEGAH!! said...

Nice comment Jett. You'll be glad to know that more of Ewa's legs are on the horizon.

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