Wednesday, April 16, 2014

AGENTE LOGAN - MISSIONE YPOTRON - Nico Fidenco "Ypotron: Final Countdown" (1966)

I don't get the vibe that most of you people dig Eurospy movies as much as me, but there's something always fascinating about them to me, so I'm going to keep throwing them at you until you concede the match! That being said, Welcome to Wrasslin' Wednesday down in The Dungeon, and the armbar from Hell called "Ypotron - Final Countdown!" Now tell me honestly, is there any way you can look at this poster, and not want to see this movie? If so, then you better check your pulse!!

First off, it's Agent 077, stop the presses, what else do you need to know? The whole seven thing as a sales pitch absolutely floors me, and you'd be shocked to see how many more of them I've got planned for you! It's truly astounding!

"Ypotron" is rife with G's like weird GUYS, and Luis Dávila is a freakin' prefect example of what I'm talkin' about! Born Héctor González Ferrantino, but working mostly as Luis Dávila, he's credited in this film as Luis Devil! The last time we saw Luis in The Dungeon was in the 1965 flick "Espionage in Tangiers," an earlier agent 077 tale!

The second big G in this film is GIRLS!! Just like the real 007, agent 077 is a chick magnet!  Take a second look, that's two women, not one!

More weird GUYS, like 077's pain in the culo sidekick, Jesús Puente as Wilson! Dichotomies abound!

The third big G is for GAMES! Don't try and get cagey and think you can play with 077!

Next up, what else are you more likely to find in a 60's spy flick? Freakin' GADGETS!!!

This is Gaia Germani as Jeanne Morrow! She is fascinating without a doubt! Double G for sure!!

Gaia only has 21 credits to her name, but more than a couple are worth seeking out, like "Hercules In The Haunted World," "Your Turn Darling," "Castle Of The Living Dead," "OSS 77-Operazione Fior Di Lloto,"and "Mr. X!"

Here's equal towel time for agent 077, who by the way is named either Mike Murphy or Lemmy Logan depending on who you talk to!

What 60's Eurospy movie is replete without a GODDESS like Dungeon hot list fave Janine (Kiss Me Monster) Reynaud in it?  Personally, I don't really think the blonde coiffeur really suits here, but to each their own!! That's what makes freedom great!!

It's tests my credibility a bit to realize that the guys who are Hell bent on taking over the world are driving a funky station wagon like this!!

Meanwhile, out in the middle of the stinkin' African desert somewhere, a huge rocket base has been built without detection! See, that is what so cool about the 60's; something like this could go undetected, these days, it would have to be completely underground!

Anyway, while Gaia is busy channeling Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast At Tiffany's," it gives me a great  opportunity to tell you the krazy title and ending credits were created by Nico Fidenco, a cat with arguably the credits for more weird movies than anyone, and here's what I'm talkin' about: "The Texican," "John The Bastard," "Supermen Against the Orient," "Zombie Holocaust," and if that ain't enuf, "Porno Holocaust!!" What a GUY!!

I really like this 'through the candles' shot!

There's absolutely nothing that says 60's Eurospy flicks like making out in a strip club! Go Murphy!!

By this time agent 077 has just about had his daily minimum requirement of bullshit!

What other G could possibly exist in a spy movie? GUNS! That's what!!

In what appears to almost be a Disney moment, I'll leave you with this parting shot of Gaia Germani and this little antennae watching over all of us for eternity!


count reeshard said...

Another great entry, guys. You need to examine the midget James Bond film from the Philippines, 'The Incredible Kid.'

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx Count!! We did "For Your Height Only" a ways back, and we'll be doing "The Impossible Kid" sometime in the not so distant future, and hopefully every other crazy ass spy movie ever made!

TABONGA! said...

Cool looking flick!..

MDG14450 said...

I haven't seen nearly enough eurospy movies, but I'm fascinated how the success of the Bond movies generated so much momentum that there were dozens (probably a couple hundred) of these.

Eegah!!! said...

Thanx MDG, I also find it very fascinating, and I'm glad I'm not the only one!

Grant said...

I always like to hear that one of these films has a lot of actresses, not just for the obvious reasons but because I always look for "femme fatale" characters in spy movies. But more than any OTHER kind of femme fatale, I hope for the thoroughly bad kind, who STAYS bad instead of turning good. And who's also an all-out "seductress" - like the great Fiona character in THUNDERBALL. It always surprises me how many of these films leave that out!
Does this movie have one of those?

Eegah!! said...

Thanx Grant! Janine Reynaud's role is the one in this film that goes from bad to good!

Greg Goodsell said...

A documentary about midget action star Weng Weng, IN SEARCH OF WENG WENG, was announced, but never released.

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