Saturday, March 1, 2014

THE LEGEND OF BLOOD MOUNTAIN - Bestoink Dooley (1965)

It was something like 5 years ago that Professor Grewbeard told me to check out this movie, and I forgot about it until just a couple of weeks ago, and what can I say? This is a different movie, and it's in a league by itself!

Tonight's Saturday Especial was made in 1965, and was originally called "The Legend Of Blood Mountain!" It escaped as a video 20 something years later titled "Demon Hunter!"

It opens with narration about why there is a "Legend Of Blood Mountain!" It seems that at certain variables the mountain gets mad and bleeds and a monster comes out from nowhere and starts killing people like this hunter in the opening sequence!

This is the star and hero of the movie, Mr. George Ellis as Bestoink Dooley, a lowly office worker at a newspaper with aspirations of  becoming a top notch journalist! George was in a couple of other weird movies and became a popular horror host in Atlanta, Georgia during the 60's and 70's also using the name Bestoink Dooley

Bestoink relaxes at home listening to some MOR music, with milk and cookies! He's just that kind of guy!

But in his dreams, a whole different persona shows up, a much bolder Bestoink! I'm not kidding, I did like this movie, but I have to tell you, that short sequence right there takes about 20 minutes, so there is some filler, and I mean a lot of it!

Bestoink's Boss allows him to investigate the wild stories about Blood Mountain! While in the hills he meets up with a Doctor Stinson who is investigating this rare phenomena, and his blond assistant Ava, and his daughter Phyllis! Not to sure about Ava, but Phyllis was played by Erin Fleming. Erin's story is a sad one, from actress to being Groucho Marx's bad guardian the last years of his life, to homeless person, and finally suicide victim!

Things start to get a little livelier when Phyllis decides to walk through the room on her way to the swimming pool! Hubba, hubba!

And if that wasn't enough to get your pulse racing, Ava changes into this two piece outfit to accompany Bestoink and the Doctor on their investigation!

Just let me ask you one simple question Dr. Stinson, are you some kind of referee?

I'm not really sure that the first time you see the monster in a movie that the first word that pops into your head should be dumpy! He doesn't look like he's going to kill anyone, he looks like he's heading to the nearest doughnut shop!

Only three credits to his name, but give some credit to cinematographer Joseph Shelton for giving this movie some credibility!

I give the makers of "The Legend Of Blood Mountain" a lot of credit! With what they had to work with, they got it all right! Hot chicks in bathing suits, a beach party, and a rubber monster, the three main ingredients that make for a perfect film!

Nothing like a little product placement! The IMDB has the estimated budget of this film set at $750,000.00! Taking into inflation, that would be $5,602,139.42 in 2014! That's right, over five million bucks! I think they got the decimal in the wrong place, I was going to say $750.00, but they might have actually spent about $7,500.00, and if Pepsi paid anything, then they made this movie for nothing!

Phyllis is left behind alone when suddenly she hears a noise......

...........Oh, No!!! The monster is real!!! This monstrous creature was created by George and Cindy Parrish, and it might have killed them, because they were never heard from again!

Up to this point, the movie was pretty enjoyably stupid..........................

...........But then they had to finish up with this comical monster chasing Bestoink sequence that was just silly! I did see one poster that stated "All adults must be accompanied by a child," so I guess silly makes sense!

The monster pins Bestoink to a wall, but spinning like an NFL running back, Bestoink manages to do a quick turn and get away!

The monster proceeds to stage four of the Hokey Pokey!

Bestoink finds a flame thrower!! That's it kids, game over!!  So what did the narrator say at the beginning of the movie,  "And now to prove that the silly season is upon us........." That pretty much sums it up!

Who knows what tomorrow may bring, so Keep on Chooglin'!!


Anonymous said...

Looking for further information about this film. It was shot, in part, at Lake Spivey in Clayton County, Georgia. We are creating a film museum and trying to find original posters, video tape, etc. Email if you can help. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Erin Fleming was not the actress that played Phyllis

EEGAH!! said...

Well, then that seems to be a point of contention with the info that the IMDB has to offer and needs to be corrected, maybe you'd care to elaborate, so who played Phyllis?

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