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It's another Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. We have a special request from our pal, Paul, all the way from Sydney, Australia, for 13 of Tabonga's favorite Sixties Monster Movies. So, here we go, Eegah!! and I saw a number of these in the theater when they came out, way back when, movies are listed in alphabetical order.

13 GHOSTS - 1960 / Eegah!! and I loved William Castle's 13 GHOSTS, especially Ghost #13! We still had our 3-D glasses from the show until a few years ago when we sold them on Ebay, also had the Punishment Poll cards from MR. SARDONICUS.

ATTACK OF THE MUSHROOM PEOPLE - 1963 / After seeing this freaky little Toho flick on TV in the mid-sixties, it became a real favorite of mine, what a roller coaster of a horror show!

THE BRAINIAC - 1962 / I have a real fetish for Sixties Mexican Monsters, there's nothing like them! Yeah, they're schlocky, but, that's what makes them so damn cool! I dig his suckered, two-fingered hands and that crazy, 18" forked tongue!

THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE - 1962 / At the time, this flick was on the 25 worst movie list in our original DWRAYGER DUNGEON Magazine from 1964, I even wrote a letter to the editor of FAMOUS MONSTERS panning it that they published in issue #22!.. Love it, now!!

THE DAY OF THE TRIFFIDS - 1963 / We saw this one in 1963, I think we had both read the paperback novel before the movie came out, we were really into horror and science-fiction! Back then, my favorite book was SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES by Ray Bradbury.

FIVE MILLION YEARS TO EARTH - 1967 / The original English title is QUATERMASS AND THE PIT, where, Martian insects were buried in their spaceship and dug up during the construction of a tunnel. This movie and QUATERMASS 2 aka ENEMY FROM SPACE were both first done as a four hour mini series on British TV, and, proudly have those on DVD, too!

THE FLESH EATERS - 1964 / Wow, what a freak show, this movie is whack in so many ways!! Look at all that happens before you even get to see the freakin' weirdsville, tentacled, cyclops monster at the end! I also have clips of the censored Nazi nude swimming pool experiments, which are extra creepy, plus, the beautiful Barbara (INVASION OF THE ANIMAL PEOPLE) Wilson has a topless scene at the beginning!

THE HORROR OF PARTY BEACH - 1964 / Then, there's this thing, schlock horror at it's very best! Music was by the non-existant band, The Del-Aires, and, check out that publicity photo, looks like it was shot before the completion of the actual monster suits!

THE HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND - 1962 / This was a lost movie for years and the best print is lousy, but, those sexy Euro chicks and freak spider make it one wild 'n' weird flick to love!

ISLAND OF TERROR - 1966 / I saw this one when it came out, a real terrorific flick! My mom and younger sister saw it together and it freaked them out but good!! Directed by Terrence (ISLAND OF THE BURNING DAMNED) Fisher.

THE MASK - 1961 / Eegah!! and I also saw this one at the theater, a real shocker! It was unique with its dream sequences and was in 3-D with free glasses! The Mask itself was just creepy to look at!

NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD - 1968 / It's hard to forget this one the first time you saw it!! The one part that really got me was when the little girl turned on her mom, jeez!!!

THE TIME MACHINE - 1960 / Another great flick Eegah!! and I got to see at the time, Rod Taylor was perfect as time traveler, H. George Wells. Those Morlocks were simply, teriffic!

Next Monday I will be posting ~ 13 MORE OF TABONGA'S FAVORITE FIFTIES MONSTER FLICKS ~ then ~ 13 MORE OF TABONGA'S FAVORITE SIXTIES MONSTER FLICKS ~ the following Monday, tune in for those!!


Anonymous said...

Once again, I'm in heaven! Thanks again for brightening up my dreary week.

best regards,


TABONGA! said...

Hi Paul, very glad we could be of service!

Randall Landers said...

Terrific guys! ISLAND OF TERROR, 5 MILLION YEARS TO EARTH, HORRORS OF SPIDER ISLAND and THE FLESH EATERS are among my all time favorites! I still watch them when they're rerun either on TMC or AMC.

Eegah!! said...

That publicity still from "Horror Of Party Beach" is Grreat, and much scarier looking than the actual finished monster suits!

TABONGA! said...

Thanks Randall, and, I'm adding the 'more' postings due to your previous comment!

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