Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A.D.3 OPERAZIONE SQUALO BIANCO - Robby Poitevin - "Operation White Shark" (1966)

Welcome to Wacky White Shark Wednesday out somewhere beyond the barrier reef to the west of The Dungeon, where the women are cruel and the guy's no fool!

Honestly, I love the beach, but I'm not a big fan of movies with a lot of underwater scenes in them! I think watching probably all 155 episodes of  "Sea Hunt" back in the 50's might have something to do with it! Irregardless, "Operation White Shark" is not overloaded with undersea footage, so it's bearable!

There was a day when if you needed a shot and you had enough curtains, almost anything was possible! Presto Change-O: Instant swank office!

They need a guy for the job who has all the right charms and attributes, so they turn to "Jerry the Computer" to make the right choice!

The perfect match is Rod Dana as Pat Rosario, Agente A.D.3! Pat can do anything, he was even a champion middleweight boxer!  Right out of a sit-com, the call to go to work interrupts Pat right in the middle of him having a good time in a barroom brawl! Eight years earlier, Rod Dana started his acting career with small parts in two of the dungeonest classics, "War Of The Colossal Beast" and "How To Make A Monster!"

What do you know about that? Up to the microphone steps another Dungeon fave, Janine (Kiss Me Monster) Reynaud as Frida Braun! If you guessed she's a bad girl, you'd be right! This little ditty was written by Robby (Crazy Westerners) Poitevin!

Agente A.D.3 can almost taste it, and probably ain't gonna waste it!

Franca Polesello has the role of Terry, A.D.3's assistant and watchdog! Franca has looked good in everything from "Mole Men Against The Sons Of Hercules," to "LSD Flesh Of Devil" and "The Mad Butcher!"

Who needs a good plot when you've got a couple of good looking fit people hanging around in their bathing suits?

A.D.3 is cool enough that he can get laid even wearing a shirt like that! Not 100% sure, but I think the easy mark is Lucia Modugno!

The first thing I ever learned in a film class was don't wave at the camera, but it works if you're sending signals to some nefarious evil person!

Great portrait of our hero, Agente A.D.3! If I ever decide to take up painting again, this will be a good place to start!

A.D.3 muscles the controls of some mechanical claws to dispose of one bad guy in a radioactive chamber!

Terry gets a rude awakening!

Good time to take advantage of some of the local caves! "Smoke 'em if you got 'em!" That's what I always say!!

It is with mirth and wild abandon that I stalk the mighty beast! Do you think Agente A.D.3 will have a problem with this magnificent creature?

Not!! And Terry didn't do so bad herself either!

Hard to imagine, but then Terry gets captured and A.D.3 has to save the day!

When it's all said and done, A.D.3 has to take care of some unfinished business!

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