Monday, March 17, 2014


It's my birthday today, so, I wanted to do this post for a change of pace, here at The Dungeon!.. Here are 13 of my favorite monster flicks from the fabulous fifties, it was even greater if you were lucky enough to grow up at that time and got to see some of them at the theater when they originally came out, like Eegah!! and I did! They are listed in alphabetical order.

THE ATOMIC SUBMARINE - 1959 / I love this one and watch it quite a bit, lots of twisted science and horror! Pictured is a close up of the tentacled cyclops alien in it's living flying saucer.

THE BLACK SCORPION - 1957 / Saw this one at the theater, if you haven't noticed, when they show this close up, they turn the sound up real loud! It made the experience pretty damn wild for us kids! This close up model was made from actual crab parts.

THE BLOB - 1958 / My dad took me to see this when I was 10 years old, theme kills, the rest of it freaked me out but good, had nightmares years later!! Photo shows the old man's hand after Steve and Jane get him to the doctor!

CALTIKI, THE UNDYING MONSTER - 1959 / Another blob flick, love blob flicks, Eegah!! and I saw this one in the theater. Photo shows Max getting what he deserves, a tasty morsel for Caltiki!!

CURSE OF THE DEMON - 1957 / Saw this one too, wow, what a wild ride! The Demon puppet is teriffic, the part where Dana Andrews is walking through the woods in the dark is still creepy!

ENEMY FROM SPACE - 1957 / Gawd, I love this freakin' movie, also got to see it at the theater. Photo shows super rare shot of one of the blob monsters after it breaks out of its dome!

FIEND WITHOUT A FACE - 1958 / Now, here's a movie that would creep you out seeing it for the first time, decent animation of those freaky brain sucking fiends!!

THE FLY - 1958 / Another freaky flick my dad took me to see when I was 10! The Fly makeup in the still remains one of Hollywood's greatest creations!!!

FORBIDDEN PLANET - 1956 / Here's another one I saw with my dad, I was 8. There is no way to describe seeing this fantastic movie back then, and, remains my very favorite fifties movie... The music, Robby The Robot and the ID Monster, wow!!!

I MARRIED A MONSTER FROM OUTER SPACE - 1958 / 1958 was a great year for monsters, this movie is an offbeat example with a sexual theme and fantastic, creepy space aliens!

THIS ISLAND EARTH - 1955 / The Metaluna Mutants in this one are the best, one of the first paintings I did in high school was a portrait of one, I still have it. I had a huge crush on Faith Domergue.

THE WAR OF THE WORLDS - 1953 / Another amazing fifties monster movie, great war machines and Martians!

I came across this while I was looking for TWOTW pictures, this is a still from WAR OF THE WORLDS THE TRUE STORY from 2012, a documentary style movie using WW I and WWII footage to make it seem real, KILLER!! I could only find a download on Amazon!

X: THE UNKNOWN - 1956 / Another great British blob flick, it's extremely radio-active and can melt people! Some tense scenes penned by my hero, Jimmy Sangster!


Anonymous said...

Greetings from Sydney, Australia and happy 66th birthday!

Great choice of flicks, most are my faves as well but I'm 10 years younger and sadly didn't see them in the cinema, just on TV and later on DVD.

Please do a similar rundown of your favourites from the 1960's (but don't make us wait until your next birthday).


TABONGA! said...

Hi Paul, heck, look for it next Monday when I'll do the same treatment on some of my favorites from the sixties!! Thanks for the comment..

Randall Landers said...

Man, I hate lists like this, 'cause I can dispute it. But I'd find a way, some way, to add "The Creature from the Black Lagoon" and "The Thing from Another World" to the list.

TABONGA! said...

Hi Randall, this is a list of just some of my favorites, but, you're right, THE THING still gives me the chills!

I'll do another one of these favorite fifties just for you, soon...

Randall Landers said...

Meant to say "can't dispute it," but it's all good. Looking forward to your next list!

Unknown said...

All great selections! :) Cheers!

tim Curran said...

Absolutely fantastic list. Being a sixties kid, I caught them mostly on late night horror-hosted shows or Saturday afternoon chillers. It must have been great to see these on the big screen. I envy you being a child of the fifties!

TABONGA! said...

Tim, I am a lucky guy!

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