Wednesday, March 26, 2014

DEVILMAN STORY - Patrick Leguy - "The Devil's Man" (1967)

Welcome to Wapenshaw Wednesday down in The Dungeon! And how is tonight's feature going to evaluate your readiness for combat you ask? It's quite simple really, if you get it, you're ready, if you don't, you're not!

This movie was made in 1967, and the original title was "Devilman Story" but it was also released as "The Devil's Man!"  That's an important fact to know! On second thought, no it isn't!

This the hard working team of The Professor and his daughter, Christine Baker! The Professor is a brain surgeon!  Christine is played by Luisa Baratto of "Bloody Pit Of Horror," and "Superargo And The Faceless Giants" fame! Next thing you know is, the Professor has disappeared!

Christine goes out looking for her Dad, and I'm seriously not kidding, finds Santa Claus instead!  That's what kind of movie this is!

Manly man and one of the Lords of The Dungeon, Guy Madison shows up as journalist Mike Harway to help Christine track down her Dad! I forgot to tell you that Gail Russell who I just wrote about in "The Uninvited" was married to Guy Madison for five years. That must have been a real interesting couple!

Great stairwell shot! Besides this stairwell, the music in "Devilman Story" is also pretty cool and was written by some guy named Patrick Leguy in his only film credit! Here's just a taste to tantalize your tastebuds!

Christine finds this dead guy, and figures out that her Dad has been taken to Africa! Now it's up to Mike Harway to find him! Why it's his responsibility is hard to say! The editing, if you want to call it that, is so choppy, sometimes it's easy to lose track of what's going on!

Guy Madison's horseback riding skills work to his advantage in the Italian job market!

I'm showing you this still just so you can see now sneaky Mike is!

Mike takes out the guard, and puts on his duds! I don't think I've ever seen Guy Madison look more uncomfortable, and yet, somehow, someway, he finds a way to blend in!

Out in the middle of the stinking desert, Devilman has his secret laboratory going day and night to find a way to swap his brain out for a better one!!

These are the eyes of one of Devil Man's zombies!

This is just one of Devilman's uncanny instruments of destruction and torture!

Here are a couple examples of scientific procedure gone wrong!!!!

The Professor is totally under Devilman's mind control now, and is about to operate on his own daughter as if she were some kind of lab rat!

This is the artificial brain that Devilman thinks will make him the most superior person in the room!!

One last shot of he who calls himself Devilman before he goes to his final resting place in Hell!

Everything goes kablooey, Baba Looey, and one less Devilman the world has to deal with thanks to Guy Madison!

After Devilman's death, the Professor snaps out of it, Mike saves Christine from the brain transplant, and everything is peaches and cream once again back in the neighborhood!


Maio Giguere said...

Now i've got to see this, all because of you !!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

The ultimate honour! Thanx Maio!!

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