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AGENTE 077 MISSIONE BLOODY MARY - Morricone/Graf - "Bloody Mary" (1965)

 Well, I'm going to go Super Secret Agent Spy Saturday for a couple of weeks on ya, so break out the vodka and the tomato juice; I just hope you are as big a fan of Euro James Bond Wanna Be Spy films as I am! Most of these films have basically everything you could want out of a movie, there's Technicolor AND Techniscope, and that's a lot of tech stuff, and if nothing else, you gotta admit,  'Agent 077' is pretty clever!

The theme song for "Mission Bloody Mary" was written by Ennio Morricone and Maurizio Graf, and also performed by Maurizio Graf! I was looking up Bloody Mary for some reason, and I came upon this pub site in Wisconsin where they make these awesome Bloody Marys with a massive amount of meats, cheeses, and pickles etc on skewers! Yes, there is a God, Bloody Mary Party here I come, Check it out!!

This type of movie reminds me of those cheap records you'd find at Woolworth's or the corner grocery store back in the sixties that would try and play off of The Beatles phenomena, and put out 99 cent records with guys with their hair combed down over their forehead with names like "The Buggs," or "The Four Beagles and the Liverpool Whigs," and just like those records, the second hand version ain't really half bad!

Speaking of records, it's obvious these people were not teenagers or they would have been listening to The Beatles instead of Nat King Cole!

Ken Clark is Agent 077 Dick Malloy! This was the first of three films in a series about Agent Dick, the other two being "From The Orient With Fury," and "Special Mission Lady Chaplin!" Ken was also in "Love Me Tender," "Attack Of The Giant Leeches," and "12 To The Moon!" After about 7 years in Hollywood, Ken packed it up and went to Italy where he got much better roles! Dick's girlfriend is Franca Polesello who was also in "Hercules Vs The Mole Men," "Operation White Shark," "LSD Flesh Of Devil," and  "Tarzana, The Wild Woman!"

So why did they have to break up Dick's little love affair? A bomb has been hijacked, and it's up to him to figure it all out! Everything else is petty details!

Every secret agent has to have some kind of nifty trick something, and Dick is presented with a pistol that holds 9 shells instead of 8. You don't have to be a rocket surgeon to figure out that later in the movie, after Dick fires 8 shells, some thug is going to unsuccessfully think that Dick's out of ammunition!

This is the bomb in question! It's really kind of cute, like maybe it could double as a pepper grinder or a fancy blender!

It's time for Dick to make the scene down at the night club called Screaming Desire or something like that!

The actress playing the stripper in the club was also a strip tease artist for real besides being an actress! The Eurasion goddess Mitsouko was also in a real James Bond movie, "Thunderball!"

As part of her act, Mitsouko needs a little help getting her top off! A Dymo labelmaker message proves this is no chance meeting!

I had a choice of two last pictures of Mitsouko to show you, one where she was alive, and one where she was dead, for obvious reasons, I chose alive! Unfortunately Mitsouko didn't, and sadly committed suicide in 1995!

Dick Malloy faces trouble at every turn.......

.......But he never seems to get distracted from getting the job done! The lovely Helga Liné has the role as Dick's romantic foil!

When you can get a location like this for almost nothing or free, use it!

As cool as it was, in 1965 the Chevrolet Corvair was outed by Ralph Nader as "the leading candidate for the un-safest-car title," which essentially killed production of the vehicle forever, and a reputation it's tried to shed for decades!

"Run, Dick, Run!!"

There's also lots more action and excitement like this fight scene! I liked "Mission Bloody Mary," and I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble Dick can get into next time! Until then, go make yourself a Bloody Mary! A Tu Salud, Cheers, and Später!!


Grant said...

I never seem to get tired of "Bond rip-offs" (even though many of them don't really deserve that name), especially ones with "villainess" characters (that's why I liked your tribute to "Some Girls Do" a while back). Does this one have ay all-out villainess characters? I say "all-out" because so many spy movies make that character "reform" and help the hero, and I can't help usually preferring the permanently bad ones (again, like the pair in "Some Girls Do"

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

They don't bore me either Grant, that's why I've tracked down a bunch of them! In this particular film, the role as played by Helga Liné is supposedly a good girl, but turns out to be a rat at the very end, so you'd probably like it!

Grant said...

Thank you.

It's asking for a SPOILER, but I don't guess it has a showdown scene between her and the hero himself? (That's one thing adventure movies usually seem very timid about, except the one I just mentioned and THUNDERBALL and a handful of others.)

Eegah!! said...

No spoiler Grant! The movie is kind of anti-climactic in that area, because the bad girl posing as a good girl doesn't get exposed until the very end, so there's not really a final showdown at all!

TC said...

"Deadlier Than the Male" and "The Wrecking Crew" have bad girls who stay bad.

Mitsouko had a small part as the villain's mistress in a Eurospy movie, "Nick Carter va Tout Casser" with Eddie Constantine. It was shown on TV in the US as "License to Kill."

Anonymous said...

Life imitates art. In 1967, the Illinois State Police adopted Smith & Wesson 9-shot automatic pistols to replace their 6-shot revolvers. They were the first big American police department to adopt automatics.

Subsequently, there was a shoot-out between a state trooper and an armed robber. Each took cover behind his own car. After the cop fired six shots, the bad guy jumped up and ran toward him, aiming a shotgun, and yelled, "Your gun's empty, pig!" The cop shot him.

In the hospital, the gunman's lawyer (rather disgustedly) asked him why he had left a position of cover and run out into the open, exposing himself to the cop's gunfire. The would-be cop-killer said, "He had fired all six shots. I swear to God, I counted six."

Eegah!! said...

Great story Anonymous! I love it! Thanks!!

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