Saturday, January 4, 2014

HYSTERIA - Hammer Films - Freddie Francis (1965)

The Krazy Town Bus doesn't have any planned tour stops in 2014, and once you get on, it's going to be a bumpy ride, so hold on for tonight's thriller from 19 and 65, it's freakin' "HYSTERIA!!"

"Hysteria" is a Hammer film that seems to have slipped in between the cracks! It's directed by one of my favorite directors, Freddie Francis, so you know there's always going to be different angles!

"Hysteria" stars the well-known face of Robert Webber! You might not know his name, but he sure does have a familiar looking face! From damn near the beginning of TV, Robert was in there on shows like "Out There," "Tales Of Tomorrow," and "Outer Limits!" Not normally a lead role actor, in "Hysteria," Robert here has the role of Chris Smith, a man who has lost his memory, and is just about to get released from the hospital!

The only clue to Chris Smith's past is a tattered picture of a beautiful woman!

An unknown benefactor has supplied him with a ritzy apartment!

Searching for the source of a glamour shot can lead to some risque situations!

The quite stunning Jennifer Jayne is the mysterious gal in the photo! She doesn't look like it here, but Jennifer was in a couple of great films, "The Crawling Eye," and another Freddie Francis classic, "They Come From Beyond Space!"

Chris Smith's problems are just getting started!

This one's for Doug! Here's the big man in a small role, Kiwi Kingston blocking the door as the French girl's boyfriend!

Chris Smith is surrounded by beautiful women, but his memory is so shot, he almost can't remember how to have sex!

Then he has a major flashback!

Damn, that knife looks familiar!
 Damn, that woman looks familiar!!

Jennifer Jayne slips Chris Smith a Mickey, and nothing looks familiar any more!

When he comes to, what else should he expect but a dead body in the shower?

Now what the Hell is going on?

Just screw it! Have another drink!

One thing you'll find out is that Chris Smith is not the killer everyone thinks he is! Speaking of killer, the music from the killer soundtrack was writing by Don Banks in one of his swingier moments, with music direction by the workhorse Phillip Martell! Catch it if you can!!


Grant said...

I've only seen it once, but I think Robert Webber was a very underrated actor. Apart from a few things like TWELVE ANGRY MEN, he doesn't get much attention as far as I know.

Douglas McEwan said...

Thanks. That's absolutely the first time I've ever seen Kiwi Kingston photographed out of his Frankenstein monster make-up.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

No, remember I posted the picture of Kiwi in his wrestling tights! He's probably in "Hysteria" for less than a minute, just blocking the doorway!

Douglas McEwan said...

So it's a full tour-de-force performance for Mr. Kingston!

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

That's pretty funny Doug, I actually got that one! And I guess we won't be seeing Kiwi in any more French doors, since "Hysteria" and "Evil Of Frankenstein were the only two movies he was in!

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