Friday, January 3, 2014

THE CREEP / 13 O'clock Theater, Wray Film Productions - 2001

It's my first post of 2014, so, I thought I'd feature our first lil' Dungeon flick all about a for real creep that lives just outside the city limits, that's right, in a big old hole in the ground! Above is the DVD case artwork.

I got to make the props, this 13 O'clock clock was lots of fun, it strikes 13 and has a coo coo skull instead of coo coo bird!

Forry was a great sport, there was no problem getting him to host the show. My favorite time with him at his place was when we all sat on his bed discussing the details, in his badroom!! We love you Forry, forever and a day...

Eegah!! sent over a soundclip sampler from our flick for your earjoyment, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there next to the 13 O'clock clock, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's an earfull of... THE CREEP!

The story comes from a little dream Eegah!! had where he said his hair was all greasy and discheveled, and then the title comes up... THE CREEP! Pretty weird, huh? The Creep, aka Eddie, lives in a hole in the ground, only comes out at night, eats out of a garbage can, has a bad attitude and carries a club and ice pick! Our pal, Rodney Lee, plays the part perfectly.

We even used real bums off the streets, like this blind guy who agreed to be in this scene... Just kidding, that's actually Eegah!! there on the ground!

Any old brick just laying around is another calling card of Eddie's.

Greg Carpenter was our assistant director and played a cop. He's now stuntman, Dr. Danger, with his own show on the History Channel!!!

Eddie begs for candy on Halloween by getting on his knees to make it look like he's just a kid!

Eddie's checking out this gal in her slip through her bedroom window, but, he's caught when he bumps his face on the glass!

Mel Sparks plays Det. Stickler and Joey Garza plays Det. Lopez. Joey appeared on THE CAROL BURNETT SHOW and turned down the lead role for CHICO AND THE MAN!!

Eddie's underground hideout is discovered when two kids are playing in the fields one night and catch Eddie coming out of his hole. They tell their moms and the moms then contact the police.

In the meantime though, Eddie's being especially devious because of the full Moon that night. Here's a couple that are soon to be the Creep's next target!

The detectives find these two rotten heads in Eddie's underground room, and, it solves two decapitation murder cases from a year earlier!

Eddie finishes off his night with one last gruesome murder, using his ever-handy ice pick!

This is a great shot as he trudges back to his lair. Our photography director was Forry's favorite, Karen Chow-Del Rio, who works for Warner Bros. and directed the recent THUMBS series.

Finally, Eddie's cornered by the two detectives after a lengthy pursuit on foot.

As a last attempt to escape, he runs blindly into the street where!...

...He gets run over by an ice cream truck!!

And, don't forget.. You can purchase THE CREEP on DVD directly from us by using the PayPal link there on the right, or, leave us a comment that we will not publish. This is a sealed, professionally produced DVD and features Forry Ackerman in his 96th movie appearance! We will also throw in our second feature, SILVER ANGEL vs THE DEATH ZOMBIES on DVD-R, in a plain envelope, Eegah!! and I play robots! Both discs for only $10 - YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE - There's FREE SHIPPING!

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