Friday, January 10, 2014

THE OUTER LIMITS / The Galaxy Being - 1963

It's Alien Invasion Friday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. We gots the very first episode from this great series, and, one our whole family watched on Sept. 16, 1963. To kick off the series they got the ever popular Cliff (CHARLY) Robertson to star along with their new sci-fi creation, The Galaxy Being!..

Eegah!! sent over a soundclip with the Master Control Voice and more for your earjoyment, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there next to the atomic radio tower, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's an earfull of... The Galaxy Being!

Cliff plays Alan Maxwell, owner and radio station operator who contacts a Being in another galaxy while experimenting with his equipment.

Alan has to go to a party and tells this fill-in DJ, whatever he does, do not increase the station's power output!.. Got it?!

The party's for Alan but all he can think about is getting back to the station and communicate with his new buddy from another world.

The dumbass DJ wants to impress his girlfriend by being heard as far away as Canada, so, he turns the power level up all the way... Oops, bad move!!

The power surge causes the Being to become 3-dimentional and it crashes out of the monitor and into the station!

Alan's brother wants him to listen to the weird signal on the radio, causing Alan to rush back to station without telling his wife he was leaving.

And, when Alan's wife hears about his rude disappearance from the party, well, she's had just about enough of his obsession with the scientific method!

Meanwhile, the Being has escaped and is out wandering around the city. This poor security guard has a close encounter of the fourth kind with the thing!

Here's the Being rummaging through a pawn shop he stumbles into.

The military arrives! Very cool shot, I had a model of that vehicle in the fifties.

Alan's wife is accidently shot in the neck by one trooper, but, the Galaxy Being heals her completely before...

He's disolved for disobeying his planet's 'no experimenting' policy!! The soundclip tells you to tune in next week at the same time, when we'll bring you another classic episode of THE OUTER LIMITS starring our pal, Robert Culp, so, you better!.. Be there or be SQUARE!!


Lacey said...

AH back when they had GOOD science fiction on television.

Matt St. Cyr said...

Another classic episode! I got to watch The Outer Limits when TNT would show it as part of their MonsterVision programming back in the 90's.

TC said...

I've sometimes heard complaints that the voice-over narration at the beginning and end of each episode was intrusive and too preachy. I usually was OK with it, but "The Galaxy Being" was one time they could have done without it, IMHO. It could have been more effective if the last spoken words we heard were the alien saying, "End of transmission."

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