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WENN ES NACHT WIRD AUF DER REEPERBAHN - Erwin Halletz - "Trip With The Devil" (1967)

Welcome to Weirdass  L.wedneS.D.ay! Apparently, in 1967, while hippies were tripping on acid and listening to groovy music in America, in Germany, they had a completely different concept going on, at least according to this no holds-barred grudge match!!

The original title of this film is "Wenn Es Nacht Wird Auf Der Reeperbahn," in English, it was released as both "Uneasy Summer," and/or "Trip With The Devil!" So let's just get down to it, I'm sure you're wondering what the Hell a 'Reeperbahn' is! Well, The 'Reeperbahn' is a street in Hamburg, Germany that is in the heart of the red-light district! It's all about nighttime high life; there's restaurants, strip clubs, night clubs, discotheques, sex shops, bars, and brothels! Basically, every man's dream come true, but alas, there is evil in the kingdom!

Sunbathing time on the yacht is over girls, put your tops back on!

Erik (Shock Treatment) Schumann as investigative reporter Danny Sonntag has just got his ass kicked by a bunch of local high society punks for sticking his nose into their business, so he hits the streets to ask some questions! One of his informants is inside that rather large woman!

Their terror tactics are spreading far and wide throughout the community!

These mini-gangsters idea of fun is to slip the acid to underage girls mixed with booze, and sell them out as sex slaves to rich businessmen and politicians, so they can in turn slip them the olde Vienna sausage! On the right is the ringleader Jürgen (My Swedish Meatball) Draeger as Feuer-Hotte! I don't think you need to know much German to figure that one out!

For being a movie about L.S.D., the music as composed by Erwin (Das Go-Go-Girl Vom Blow Up) Halletz is vaguely interesting, but something by Quicksilver Messenger Service would have been better suited! Here's just a little taste of what I'm talking about!!

Danny Sonntag continues his search for Feuer-Hotte, combing all the dives and strip clubs!

I'd believe in reincarnation if I could come back here!

The boobie count is pretty high in this film, but considering where it's located, that shouldn't be that shocking!

In the center is Marlies Dräger in her very first role as one of the bad girls Karin! Marlies was in "The Man With The Glass Eye," and "Death And Diamonds," but all total she only had nine credits, and the rest of them are on German TV shows, so this will be the last time we'll see her here!

This is kind of gross! This is how German girls tripping on acid perceive their sugar daddy lovers!

Meanwhile, there's a whole other story going! In the tidy whities is Fritz Wepper as Till Voss and by his side is Marianne Hoffman as Lotti Norkus!  Till is the son of a wealthy man and is part of the acid gang, and Lotti is pure as the driven snow! Till is so in love, he's ready to quit his wanton ways and live happily ever after with Lotti, but it's not meant to be! You see, this scene is not really them together, instead, it's a hallucination Lotti's having after being fed some acid, and in reality, the man is Till's Father who seems to have a closet thing for virgins!

It's not a pretty scene when Till catches his Father in the sack with his drugged girlfriend!!

Lotti doesn't take the situation very well at all! Now there's another body to dispose of!

Time to have a meeting at the super creepy place!

You don't cross the gang, or even think about crossing the gang without expecting to pay some kind of price! Actually, these two were basically only guilty by association, but it didn't matter!

Despite all the hookers and whores, this story is not going to have a happy ending!!

This movie is a trip all right, but the story is a real bummer!

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