Saturday, July 6, 2013

GAMERA TAI DAIMAJU JAIGA - Shunsuke Kikuchi - "Gamera Vs Monster X" (1970)

Okay, we've been doing this non-stop just shy of 6 years now, so all good things have to come to an end some time, and what I'm talking about is that we've finally run out of Gamera films! We've seen Gamera vs Gaos, Zigra, Guiron, Viras, Bargugon, and finally tonight Jiger, also known as Monster X!

Since it's a party of sorts, here's two different looks at the title card! The music for this fantastic tale of awe and wonder was created by the Masestro Shunsuke Kikuchi of "Red Dead Wagon," "Dragon Ball," and "Dragon Ball Z" fame!

It's 1970 and welcome to Expo 70, also known as The World's Fair! Here's three stunning examples of the modern architecture unveiled at Expo 70!

On the other side of somewhere, Jiger, or as he's sometimes known, Giger has come back to life, and he wants to play!

The freedom fighting Gamera decides to literally take the bull by the horn!

Unfortunately Jiger has different ideas!

The puny useless humans cower at the might of the World Champion monster Jiger!

Gamera gets flipped on his back, and takes a spear delivered by Jiger in each of his arms and feet! Being a turtle, no matter what size you are, getting flipped over onto your back can become a devastating uncool experience!

Time to try and send in the big guns to no avail!

Jiger fries a few worthless human bystanders!

Of course there is always a chance for hope once spoiled rotten children get involved!

Gamera gets injected with a nefarious solution of Jiger Juice that renders him almost completely useless, and a plan is developed to fix it!

"We all live in a yellow submarine!"

Once inside Gamera via the yellow sub, the kids encounter little baby Jigers creating all kinds of problems, so they dispose of them straightaway!

After he recovers, Gamera can't take it anymore, so he plugs his ears!

After much turmoil, Gamera skewers Jiger with a broken idol, and once again, the world is a safe place to live, saved by the almighty and benevolent flying turtle Gamera!

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