Wednesday, July 10, 2013

IL MARCHIO DI KRIMINAL - "We Are Waiting For You" (1968)

Say hey to all you cool cats and kitties, this week's installment of Wild and Weird Wednesday is part deuce in the "Kriminal" series, "Il Marchio Di Kriminal," aka, "The Mark Of Kriminal!"

Like I've said many times before, it's pretty tough to come up with anything totally new and original talking about movies any more, so if you want to read a real in depth and lucid review of "Il Marchio Di Kriminal," head on over to The Lucid Nightmare!

I don't know how they get away with it, but if you want to watch a full decent quality version of this film in Italian, then check out THIS! The fences are down, it's a free concert, and it's nuckin' futs!!

As previously established, Kriminal, as played by Glen Saxson is a character from the comics! Playing both sides of the fence, he's more bad than good! I wonder if there's some deep roots that would divulge that he is actually related to The Seeds' vocalist, the amazing Sky Saxon!

The authorities of the world are without a doubt, pushing Kriminal too hard! The music in this film is pretty cool as it is in most Italian 60's films, and it was created by the legendary Manuel (Mr. X, Satanik) Parada! Here's a tasty morsel for you to digest with your choice of some Black Mountain Cabernet, some Cabrito Reposado, or a big fat one! The choice is yours!

There is actually very little on screen time devoted to Kriminal in kostume, but when there is, it is generally very creepy!

Kriminal has cojones the size of meatballs when he goes to the wedding of his arch nemesis Inspector Milton in disguise and delivers a very special wedding present!

You would of thought it was true love forever, but when Kriminal's girlfriend Janet double crosses him, he has no scruples about electrocuting her ass in the bathtub! (Okay, give him a break, she WAS going to poison him!!!)  Evi Rigano as Janet was in "The Three Fantastic Supermen" as Natascia, and was also one of the victims in "The 10th Victim!"

So, whose gonna be the next in line, who'll be the next in line for heartaches? Who'll make the same mistakes I made over you? The devine Helga Line, that's who!

Yet another amazing disguise!

"Cercate" translates  roughly to the lyrics of one of The Coasters' greatest hits, "Searchin!"

And "scherza" translates to joke, play, jest, wanton, kid, frolic, dally, trifle, coquet, you get the idea!!!!

Andrea (Danger: Diabolik) Bosic as Inspector Milton finally gets the last laugh as Kriminal goes off a cliff in a ball of flames and glory!

But the Devils get the truly last laugh when they say to Kriminal, "Ti Aspettavamo" - "WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU!" They've got a hot seat saved for him!!! Personally, I don't think it's too late for at least one more sequel!


Grant said...

Have you done a segment on KRIMINAL itself, the first film?

Eegah!! said...

Hey Grant, if you just follow the link that says, "As previously established" it will take you right there!

Grimm said...

I just read both. Great write-ups!This is a seriously awesome horror blog, and I'm really glad I found it. I just followed you, look forward to seeing what you post.

If you wanna chat more horror films, swing by my page.

Eegah!! said...

Welcome aboard the krazy train Grimmbo, hope you enjoy the ride!

Grant said...

Thank you.

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