Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIE RECHNUNG - EISKALT SERVIERT - Peter Thomas - "Tip Not Included" (1966)

If you like movies that are ridiculously absurd as much as I do, then the whole series of Jerry Cotton movies is made to order for you! "Die Rechnung - Eiskalt Serviert" or as it was released in English, "Tip Not Included," is the fourth in the series, and is just as good as the rest!

Once again, the music in "Tip Not Included" was composed by the master of maestros, Peter Thomas! I'd like to see every TV show and movie that Peter has written the music for! I'm sure all 158 are worth the time just to hear whatever amazing score he came up with! The man is a true genius! Here's just a tantalizing and tasty morsel of what he came up with for this film! It's some of the theme, and the song from the club scene, I'm not exactly sure who is really singing!

As always, here's George Nader as F.B.I. agent Jerry Cotton! He's a mean, lean, investigating machine!

THIS.................................................. You get the shaft, but the tip's not included!

Back stage at the wrasslin' matches, a bunch of thugs with colorful names like Caruso and Happy hang out making plans, while Mary the moll does her nails!

I don't know why, but I find these two shots fascinating! I really think I was born to be an architect!

Depending on which version you're watching, Yvonne Monlaur is club torch singer named either Violet or Phyllis! Lovers of Hammer horror will recognize Yvonne from her roles in "The Brides Of Dracula," "Circus Of Horrors," and "The Terror Of The Tongs!"

Here's the plan! Explode the armored truck carrying the goods, and while masked in a cloud of smoke, transfer the stuff to an ambulance hidden in a truck and flee the scene unencumbered!

Time for Jerry to catch up with the gang at the Catch as Catch Can show at the Catcher Center!

Pretty odd, some 47 years later, the Exide battery corporation just filed for bankruptcy last month!

Birke Bruck as the steamy Mary was Doris in "Shock Treatment" and worked steadily right up until 2007 in TV and the movies! Her little shower scene was pretty hot for 1966, and you have to love the fact that she took a shower with her glasses on!

This was Horst ("Whiskey And Sofa," "Gorilla Gang") Tappert as Charles Anderson! Gee, and I thought he was the boss! Guess I was wrong!!

Ride 'em cowboy! Jerry hitches a ride on a helicopter to show off more of the green screen technology that was fundamental in the making of  most of the Jerry Cotton films! You can get all the Jerry Cotton movies on Amazon or directly from Sinister Cinema for a pittance! I can't think of a better way to waste your hard earned cash!

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