Wednesday, July 24, 2013

HORRORS OF THE BLACK MUSEUM - Gerard Schurmann - "Fear Beyond Belief" (1959)

Tabonga has been getting to do all the redux around here lately, but tonight it's my turn! "Horrors Of The Black Museum" was one of the first films I did back in 2007 when the focus was almost strictly on the music, but now it's time for the full monte! I like this version of the poster, it's totally nutzoid, and it has all the right elements!! Big Thanx to Greg Goodsell for providing the disc!!

"Horrors Of The Black Museum" is a 1959 Michael Gough classic without a doubt!

Pretty weird, they waste 13 minutes at the beginning of the movie to explain Dr. Franchel's theories on Hypnotism because supposedly Michael Gough has his assistant hypnotized in order to do his evil bidding, but in reality, he was shooting him up with some kind of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde fluid! Maybe I missed something, but then maybe it's because I almost fell asleep! Do yourself a favour and fast forward through  the first 13 minutes, and just skip to the chase!

It all starts off innocently enuf once it gets started, when a beautiful young gal receives a gift from an anonymous admirer, binoculars that when focused shoot spikes into the unwitting victim's eyes and right into the brain causing instant death! It's just the next victim in an ongoing series of copycat events from Scotland Yard's Black Museum!

The rogue Michael Gouge is the author and celebrated journalist Edmond Bancroft whose writings document the current ghastly wave of murders! He's a real pain in Scotland Yard's ass with his investigative reporting!

Edmond Bancroft also has his own personal Black Museum of horror, but of course it's all in the name of research!

Edmond has a hot girlfriend in red, known as Joan, who is fed up with all his phony bullshit! Joan was played by June (Part-Time Wife) Cunningham!

I will never give up an opportunity to show a picture of a classic jukebox!! This one is a ROCK-OLA!

Joan/June has a chance to entertain the locals with a little exotic dance number! Put a dime in the jukebox, put down that martini, and enjoy the swingin' sounds of Gerard (KONGA, THE HEADLESS GHOST) Schurmann!!

Joan/June goes back to her flat after her night out, but after she undresses and goes to bed.......

.......This is what she's faced with when she looks up!

Some crazy mofo confesses to all the murders! That just helps screw everything up since he has nothing to do with any of them!

All the time people tell me to smile, and I tell them to F off! Would you rather I put on a phony face like this? I didn't think so!

Edmond's doctor senses something is amiss! Every time there's a murder, his patient comes to see him and his blood pressure is 200 over 110, and he assumes something isn't kosher! When he confronts Edmond with the fact that as his doctor, he thinks he should get some help, this is what he gets for his concern, followed by an acid bath!

Meanwhile Edmond goes to a book signing for his latest work! I love how almost every book in the store is his!

Back at the lab, Edmond's assistant Rick as played by Graham Curnow is busted by Edmond with his girlfriend Angela played by Shirley Anne (These Are The Damned) Field!

The happy couple go to the carnival, but not before Edmond shoots up Rick with some more of that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde juice!

Angela is thrilled to no end to ride on the Tunnel Of Love with the man of her dreams!

In real life, Graham Curnow was gay! His lifelong partner was Victor Spinetti, a gifted actor who was in all of the first three Beatles' movies!  After this little incident, Rick and Angela's marriage plans are put on permanent hold!

Stupid kids never understand anything and taunt Rick even further to what will be his inevitable demise! "Horrors Of The Black Museum" scared the crap out of me as a kid, and is still pretty dang creepy to this day! If you've got 95 minutes to literally kill, this is a good place to go!


Grimm said...

Great write-up! I like how you include so many pictures. I'm a big fan of this film.

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Thanx Grimm! Me Too!

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