Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Well, here we are on the last night of this years 2012 Halloween Countdown, and what better time to ramp up the WTF?! quotient a couple of percentiles than with yet another feature brought to you via the omnipotent and venerable Professor Grewbeard, a man of 100% honor, and no shame, "The Wacky World Of Dr. Morgus!"

Like Zacherley and Ghoulardi, Sid Noel as Dr. Morgus was a horror host! He worked out of New Orleans, and when they made this movie in 1962, it was really only meant to be a regional thing! It's quite obvious they weren't shooting for mainstream acceptance, nor did they achieve it, but if you've got $19.95 that you've got nothing better to do with, you can get yourself a copy right HERE!

At the beginning of the movie, the doctor is getting his portrait done in exchange for some brain surgery, and during the credits, this is some of what you'll hear!

Rednose's surgery was about as successful as the movie itself!!

This character is Dr. Morgus's loyal assistant Chopsley played by Tommy George! Chopsley wears a hood, because after an unsuccessful plastic surgery job by the good doctor, his face caved in!

The doctor's girlfriend is hypnotized, in a trance, or comatose, take your pick, it really doesn't make much difference!

The doctor and his girlfriend dance, well, he dances anyway, and moves her arms around for her!

Local reporter Pencils McCane tries to get the lowdown on an exclusive story without a great deal of success! Pencils was played by Dan Barton, who actually had a decent career in television before and after this movie!

The Magnificent Morgus has invented a machine that reduces tissue into sand, to which he can them reconstitute it at some later time back into it's original form! The sand in this photo was previously a cat!

Genuinely New Orleans, here we are at the corner of St Louis and Bourbon streets!

Some of the local talent is beyond reproach like "Chris, Queen of Cha-Cha!"

"The Wacky World Of Doctor Morgus" might not be the best movie in the world, but some of the music is pretty hot!

The "Cha-Cha Queen" sharpens Pencils' lead!

Here's where they screwed the whole thing up by actually trying to have some kind of storyline! The rulers of the country called Microvania have caught wind of the Doctor's machine and want to use it to reduce their army to sand and then secretly introduce it into another country in an effort to turn the government inside out!

I could almost swear that Neil Young's goofy character in "Human Highway" was based on Dr. Morgus! Either that, or they just happened to be two of the nerdiest guys in all of history by chance!

One by one, the Microvanian army is reduced to sand!

But when they attempt to ship the sand in this crate, it gets dropped like it was being handled by UPS or the post office, and they end up sweeping it up and not knowing that it is actually humans, it gets deposited in one big sand pile!

So instead of being turned back into soldiers, the sand is delivered to the site of this groundbreaking ceremony, and used when they lay the cement!

Just like this movie, the "Mighty Men of Microvania" never stood a chance! Do the Doc a favor and go get your own copy! Hollow Happyween!!


TABONGA! said...

I did see this thing - Both hip and lame at the same time!

Exeter said...

An AMAZING endeavor!
$19.95+ shipping? Hmmmm...
Deserves some thought!

zillagord said...

Happy Halloween all!

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