Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Spend The Night At THE COBWEB HOTEL - Sammy Tinberg - Sung By Jack Mercer (1936)

So here we are a little over halfway through this years Halloween Countdown, and I think it's about time to present something really scary, so here we go, from all the way back in 1936, eight minutes of sheer terror known as "The Cobweb Hotel"

Just in case that little sound clip wasn't terrifying enough for you, then you can go Here and watch the whole thing for yourself at one of the coolest sites on the whole web, The Internet Archive!!! Even cooler than that, "The Cobweb Hotel" is just one of the many wonders you can find there if you start rooting around!

It all starts off innocently enough, but the proprietor of "The Cobweb Hotel" is actually a vicious serial killer!! The voice of this evil spider is a gentleman by the name of Jack Mercer! With 442 credits to his name, Jack Mercer should have been as well known as any major star of the last century! He was responsible for so many cartoon character's voices, I can only hope there's a shrine to him somewhere! In a standard 60's Popeye cartoon, Jack would do the voice of not only Popeye, but also, Pappy and Wimpy! In the Felix the Cat cartoons, he was not just Felix, but also the Professor, and the Genie! In the 40's, in a typical cartoon like "Snow Foolin'," Jack would be called on to do the voice of the rabbit, the skunk, the mouse, the swan, and the kangaroo, so actually, his credits are probably up in the 1000's!

If this wasn't a cartoon, there would be no way any God fearing parent would allow their children to watch innocent characters like this be bound and tortured like helpless flies in a web! No wonder there's so many krazy people running around today!

A nameless and naive couple checks into the Hotel on their honeymoon expecting a night of marital bliss, not unspeakable horror! Good thing the little guy is the flyweight champion of the world, he might just stand a ghost of a chance!!

The innkeeper prepares his deadly trap!! Do you like how he keeps his web material rolled up on a reel on his back? I guess that way they didn't have to show the web shooting out of his butt! Um, web shooting out of his butt, that sounds like a good portion of  the internet today!

Oh, No, it's Room 13!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And while we're on the subject of of "Zimmer 13," we'll take a break to let you know that the wonderful music throughout this whole ghastly ordeal was composed by Mr. Sammy Tinberg, the man who wrote such classics as "Don't Take My Boop-Oop-A-Doop Away," "Strike Up The Band For Popeye The Sailor," "Sinbad The Sailor," and "Christmas Comes But Once A Year!" What a guy!

Suddenly it becomes apparent to the unwitting couple that their life is about to turn into a living Hell as they hear the agonizing screams coming from some of the other rooms!! Omigod, the evil spider is not only a cruel killer, he's also a cannibal!!!!

The little missus gets trapped in the web bed, and the flyweight champ comes out throwing haymakers to little effect!

Mean Mr. Spider pins the champ's wings together to render his offense useless, and proceeds to do a shoeshine on his face with all eight legs!

A swordfight backs the hapless champ into one of the many webs Mr. Spider has positioned around the room!

While this all was going on, the champ's wife wiggles free from her bindings, finds a razor blade, and cuts loose all the other trapped residents of the hotel, who come back with a massive attack that includes sharp objects of all ilks! Mr. Spider gets poked in the butt more than once!!

In the end the heinous arachnid gets dropped into a jar of paste and put out of business for good! The Fleischer brothers strike again!

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??