Friday, October 5, 2012

YONGARY Monster From The Deep / Toei Company - 1967

It's Monday Halloween Countdown 2012 with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Our feature is a redo from a few years back, it's about Yongary, a monster from the depths of the Earth. Earthquakes in central Korea turn out to be the work of a prehistoric gasoline-eating dinosaur that goes on a rampage through Seoul.

Eegah!! sent over a fun little soundclip, sooooo, you can push the big red 'GO' button there next to the little green 'STOP' switch, NOW, Rufus The Gnat! Here's our rockin' audio offering for... YONGARY Monster From The Deep!

Here's little fart, Icho! He's hidden on the side of the road using an Itch-Ray on his newlywed pals, getting big laffs from the peanut gallery!

The couple, Ilo and Suna, have to stop their cool Corvair convertible on the side of the road to scratch, then later, they're still itching, this time for some action! Afterall, it is their honeymoon...

Ilo's an astronaut, ready to be shot into space in this nice looking plastic model.

C'mon guys!.. I'm upside down here for Pete's sake!.... C'MON!! You guys are jerks!

Suna gets to watch her husband's launch from the control room, then, her and the chief have a spot of tea to celebrate a successful launch. It's Korea, so, don't ask me!

Ilo does his thing, so, he turns the capsule around and heads on back...

But, back at the ranch, there are severe earthquakes taking place at the center of the country... What could be causing them, the ring of fire?!

BOO!!!.. Hell no, it's me, Yongary!!

Yongary's coming, let's head to the mountains! These people are too busy indulging to give a flip! The music in the soundclip is pretty damn cool for Korean, if it is!

Ilo and Icho encounter the giant beast as it wanders through the city, tearing it to pieces!

The big lug just does what monsters do!

Icho tweeks his ray beam dealie and focuses it on Yongary...

Then, you can hear in the soundclip where Yongary starts doing the Frug to a swinging surf tune! What will they think of next?

Love this shot as a round comes in and explodes just in front of big Y.

Dropping napalm, follow in order!.. Dump 'em all!

Tabonga's Halloween Countdown Contest 2012 No. 1 ~ Win a MONSTER SCULPTURE made by Tabonga!

Here's the question... 'Dropping napalm, follow in order!.. Dump 'em all!' is a quote by what famous actor dropping bombs in a classic fifties giant monster flick? Who is the actor? First comment with the correct answer wins!!

Here's the little guy you'll win, a Silver Screaming Skull, he's 3-1/4" tall...

***Our contest winner is Randall Landers!! Congrats, Randall!

Dude catches a Starfighter!!

In the end, they drop devilish chemicals from a helicopter and melt the poor thing!..

Tune in tomorrow for who knows what Eegah!! may have brewing in his cellar... Visit Tabonga's Monster Shop!


Randall Landers said...

Clint Eastwood in Tarantula?

TABONGA! said...

And, we gots a winner!!!!!

Randall, send me your address in a comment, I will not publish it - thanks, Tabonga!

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