Wednesday, October 10, 2012

13 MEXICAN LOBBY CARDS Of Fifties Monster Movies

Hello everbloody, Eegah!! has the night off, so, Tabonga is filling in for him on this Halloween Countdown Wednesday 2012, here at The Dungeon!.. Years ago I collected a big pile of very nice Mexican lobby cards from a guy in Mexico, these cards are from that collection...

~ THE FLAME BARRIER - I saw this one when it came out, pretty creepy blob flick for a 10 year old with a good imagination!

~ FRANKENSTEIN 1970 - Saw this one at the movies too, I loved the big monster creeping around in his white clinical bandages!

~ FRANKENSTEIN'S DAUGHTER - I love this movie, I have a special place in my heart for make-up maestro Harry Thomas and his use of ping pong eyeballs, of which he also used in KILLERS FROM SPACE! Caught this flick on TV in the early sixties for the first time.

~ THE HIDEOUS SUN DEMON - I got to see this classic at the theater, love all those cheap flicks with Robert Clarke.

~ INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS - Caught this one on TV like when I was 12, this little creepfest always left you with a sickening feeling, the same way INVADERS FROM MARS did!

~ MISSILE TO THE MOON - This is another one of my favorites even if it's totally whack, and, it has my love doll Sanita Pelky as a Moon Girl in it! Check out the image on the card of Leslie Nielson and Anne Francis from FORBIDDEN PLANET!

~ MONSTER FROM THE OCEAN FLOOR - This was the first monster movie produced by Roger Corman and the first movie Jonathan Haze appeared in. The animated monster looks great, but, you have to wait almost an hour to see it and the thing only runs for 64 minutes! Typical Corman.

~ THE NEANDERTHAL MAN - Saw this one on TV around 1956, boring as Hell. Harry Thomas made the caveman mask, he said that he had it all set up for special lighting to make it look very scary in the cave, then, when it came to the shoot, they told him they didn't have time for stuff like that, therefore, that's why the monster looks so crappy!

~ PHANTOM FROM SPACE - They played the crap out of this title on TV throughout the fifties, loved that Radar Ford they drove around in! Great special effects for the time.

~ THEM! - What a great flick, Warner Bros' first venture into the Big Atomic Bug genre! Starred THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD, James Arness.

~ TOBOR THE GREAT - A real fave they played regularly on TV, TOBOR was a great looking, very convincing robot, we can thank those robot building dudes over at Republic Pictures! My favorite part is when the commies try to enter the restricted area and all Hell breaks loose when the professor uses highly amplified sounds of war and strobe lights to terrorize them back, very effective and totally hilarious!

~ UNKNOWN WORLD - This movie must have played monthly during the fifties, saw it a few times. The Cyclotron they use to burrow through the earth was a very cool machine, looks like it's actually a redone version of one of the large tank models in THINGS TO COME from 1936!

~ THE WAR OF THE WORLDS - I paid $50 for this card, that's what it took to score a mint card with an insert featuring the Martian!


Lacey said...

I would have gladly paid $50 for a War of the Worlds Lobby card like that one.

Great post.

zoc said...

El Fantasma and El Monstruo are quite striking. Nice.

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