Monday, October 22, 2012

THE BOOGENS / Taft International Pictures - 1981

It's Monster Monday Halloween Countdown 2012 with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Our movie features "Boogens," which are little scaly monsters that look somewhat like turtles with lots of nasty teeth for biting. They all get released from an old abandoned silver mine in Colorado and proceed to dispose of the characters, one by one! As you can see, the poster is pretty lame, typical for the time.

Eegah!! sent over a soundclip for our approval, sooooo, you can go ahead and push the big red 'GO' button right there by your little hairy claw, NOW, Ralphie The Tarantula! Here's some audio from... THE BOOGENS!

According to the Silver City Gazette, it all started back in 1848 with the discovery of a big ol' motherload of silver in the hills. Did you know.. All the heavy elements found on Earth, including gold and silver, were created by super nova explosions in space billions of years ago! While we're at it, all the water found on Earth came from comets colliding with it, also billions of years ago.

Four guys (I know, it only shows three) open up an old abandoned mine to try and find an undiscovered vein of silver. Before long though, they come across this big pile of bones, which includes human remains!

This lucky 'miner' strikes it rich when he walks in on this lovely guest who just finished her shower!

Here's how you spend your leisure time in the rockies. I remember my cousin taking me to the pool hall back in 1957, he was an actual Fonzie type!

The guys bury the human bones in graves outside the mine, then, get back to work.

Wow, what a surrealistic shot!

Poochie tries to warn his master of impending doom, but...

One of the Boogens grabs her arm through the broken heater grate and the damn thing won't let go! She dies.

So, I guess that you'd like to take a gander at one of them lil' buggers!.. Welp, here you go!!

As usual, there's only one real way to get rid of monster varmints!..

Blow them the Hell... UP!!! TCM plays this flick occassionally, catch it if you can!


Craftypants Carol said...

Thanks for reviewing this movie. I always avoided it cause the name was too suspiciously similar to boogers - but now at least I know that that's not what it's about.

Rob Taylor said...

I saw this movie in the theater with my mom when I was like 10. I loved it though looking back i bet my mom was a little uncomfortable with it. But this brings back great memories. Loved this fil in all it's cheesy glory.

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