Friday, December 23, 2011

NUDE ON THE MOON / Moon Productions - 1961

Welcome to Friday Night Drive-In with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon! This is Tabonga's Xmas present to all you good little Kedsos out there...

The story goes like this... Dr. Huntley and Professor Nichols are able to complete work on their rocket because of an unexpected inheritance. They travel to the Moon and find a lush garden paradise inhabited by half naked, telepathic Moon girls! The Moon Goddess allows the spacemen to continue their experiments and Dr. Huntley begins falling in love with her. The Professor worries that he will not be able to get the doc to return to Earth with him...

Daniel Hart gets a music editor credit for this movie, Daniel also worked on THE DIRTY GIRLS! As you can see, the theme song was written by Judith Kushner, Doris Wishman is producer, Bunny Yeager is still photographer.

Lettuce bring in our little Dungeon helper and button pusher, the one, the only, Rufus The Gnat!! Hello 'der, Rufus! The lil' guy is here to fulfill his Friday Night duty and get this show on the road! So, no more jokes, push the big red 'GO' button once again, now, Rufus! Here's... NUDE ON THE MOON!

Here's the Professor talking to the secretary, Cathy. William Mayer plays the Professor, he was in 4 other nudie flicks and played himself in the nudist documentary, BEHIND THE NUDIST CURTAIN. Marietta plays Cathy/The Moon Goddess, this will be her only role.

Here's dimple faced Lester Brown as Dr. Huntley, who we'll just call Jeff. And, like Marietta, this was his only film role...

Nice shot of this theater that just happens to be showing Doris Wishman's first film, HIDEOUT IN THE SUN!

Jeff has this classic 1960 Oldsmobile convertible that they drive to the launch pad in. In 1960, my older cousins took Eegah!! and me to a drive-in where we got to see NOT TONIGHT HENRY! And, we went in a 1960 Olds!!

They climb the scaffolding in tandem and enter their new spaceship...

After Jeff tells ground control a fart joke, he releases the emergency brake and jams it into first gear!

They quickly travel from the Earth to the Moon. The Earth rotates in reverse and the continents are backwards, whatever.

There's no mention of any prop department, so, no telling where this miniature set and rocket model came from!

The obviously virile space gods emerge from their ship!

Hey doc, check it out, we must'a blown up on the way here and gone to heaven!

The way it was meant to be!

Yeah, no grunt Sherlock, nekkid Moon chicks! Wowzie wowzie woo woo!!

Hello, I saw you on the can earlier, you must be the Queen!

This 83 minute movie was filmed at the Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida.

Jeffie and The Moon Goddess seem to be hitting it off!

Gotta love those Moon Girls, they just do what comes natural!

The Moon Girls wave goodbye to the brave astronuts!

They fly their butane fueled ship back to Earth.

Back on Earth, the Professor walks in on Jeff imagining Cathy in the nude!!

And, I even had that rocket model Jeff's holding!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

i love this movie, it's innocence is extremely sexy. thanx especially for the song!

Exeter said...

I've got this on VHS tape # 334 !
I'll have to give it another look!
Thanks a lot...!

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