Saturday, December 3, 2011

SIE TÖTETE IN EKSTASE - Manfred Hübler and Sigi Schwab - "She Killed In Ecstasy" (1971)

Enough with the giant rabbits already, here's this week's Saturday Night Special, "Sie Tötete In Ekstase," "She Killed In Ecstasy," or as it is better known, The Soledad Miranda Show!

"She Killed In Ecstasy" is a film written and directed by Jesus Franco! Jess Franco doesn't have ornate sets built, he just finds cool places to shoot his movies!

Prophetic, since Soledad's life was cut so short, so soon! She only lived to be 27, her death was the result of a car accident!

Soledad is the very happy and content wife of Dr. Johnson, none other than Mrs. Johnson! Dr. Johnson was played by Fred Williams!

"proneness to cancer, cardiac insufficiency, general physical and mental deterioration" and Soledad Miranda!

Life is sweet, good smokes, fine wine and Soledad Miranda's butt!

Speaking of butts, these four intolerant buttholes have driven Dr. Johnson to the edge, and are now in the process of giving him a little shove! Back row left to right, we have Paul Müller as Dr. Franklin Houston, Ewa Strömberg as Dr. Crawfish, and Howard Vernon as Professor Jonathan Walker! In the front row is home boy himself, Jesus Franco as dumb Dr. Donen!

His radical medical concepts not accepted, Dr. Johnson takes things into his own hands, and makes the final decision to exit stage right!!

The snappy music that accompanies Dr. Johnson and his lovely wife's spiral out of control was composed by Manfred Hübler and Sigi Schwab! These two also worked together on "Vampiros Lesbos," and Sigi also composed the music for another Soledad Miranda classic, "Der Teufel Kam Aus Akasava!"

Born Soledad Rendón Bueno on July 9, 1943, Sole chose to act under the name of Susann Korda sometimes, like in this film!

Just as when life doesn't imitate art, in this film Soledad loses her husband, in real life, it was her husband that lost her!

Mrs. Johnson has decided to take revenge on the four who caused her husband to kill himself, and you might say she's just a little crazy!

To make it all that much more interesting and to give Miranda more opportunities to take off her clothes, Mrs. Johnson will seduce each one of her victims before biting their heads off!!

Dungeon regular Howard Vernon is the first one to step into the on deck circle. I guess if a person had to choose the circumstances leading up to their death, making love to Soledad Miranda first wouldn't be that bad of an option!

But then again, getting stabbed multiple times by a beautiful maniac doesn't really seem like any Swiss picnic neither!

Mrs. Johnson doesn't have any problem swinging both directions, so disposing of that bitch Dr. Crawfish is no problemo at all!

Soledad Miranda was in over thirty films from 1960 to 1970 and also released two yé-yé pop records in the mid-1960s! Her husband, José Manuel da Conceiçao Simões was a Portuguese race car driver, and ironically, he quit driving so he could have a safer job, only to lose his wife to an automobile accident!

Dr. Houston is the third scumbag to go down! We've been seeing a lot of unique uses for scissors around here lately! What a handy tool!

Despite being a cold blooded killer, Mrs. Johnson is still fragile, quite vulnerable, and naked too!!

Since it's his movie, Jesus saves himself for last, and I suppose that's why his name is Dr. Donen, Gone!


Prof. Grewbeard said...

HUBBA HUBBA! oh, and i like the Xmas tree-shaped house.

Eegah!! said...

I thought you'd like that!

Unknown said...

Oh, a German Spanish co-operation of Jess Franco.... I must admit that I have not seen the film yet, because I had up to now not enough information about the film.
Now thanks to you, I have enough to know that I must see this film. Thank you very much!!!

zillagord said...

What was wrong with the wabbits?

Eegah!! said...

Have you ever seen a giant rabbit turd?

zillagord said...

No, but I've see a lot of shitty Jess Franco flicks.

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