Monday, September 26, 2011


Welcome to Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. A serial killer's on the loose in London, he drains the victims of blood, and, he's as strong as five men! That's the headline for this wild and crazy flick from producers Max Rosenberg and Milton Subotsky, producers of films like THE CURSE OF FRANKENSTEIN, DR. TERROR'S HOUSE OF HORRORS, THE SKULL, DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS, THE TERRORNAUTS, THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE, TORTURE GARDEN, ASYLUM, I, MONSTER, MADHOUSE, AT THE EARTH'S CORE and THE INCREDIBLE MELTING MAN!

The very cool music is by David Whitaker, David had 20 composing credits for titles like DON'T RAISE THE BRIDGE, LOWER THE RIVER, HAMMERHEAD, DR. JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE, VAMPIRE CIRCUS, OLD DRAC, THE PLAYBIRDS and THE SWORD AND THE SORCERER. He also has 7 soundtrack credits.

Since it's Monday, that means our fuzzy little Dungeon helper and button pusher, Ralphie The Tarantula, is present and is ready to start our Eariffic Soundclip. So, push the big red 'GO' button located directly in front of you, now, Ralphie! Here's... SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN!

What bothered me the most about this flick when I first saw it is this poor athlete here! All he remembers is jogging in a park somewhere, with both his legs attached!..

And, do you think his nurse even cares?!!.. Hell no, she don't, she's got work to do!!

Vinnie plays Dr. Browning, he's part of secret military operation in the process of creating an army of super humans...

Victims are showing up at the morgue with the blood drained from their bodies, although, looks like her blood's all there to me! This is the R rated version.

Back to this guy, here's what he discovers the next time he wakes up!..

Blackwater decides to get in on the action...

I'd get in a lot of trouble if I used any other caption but this one!

British chicks are daft!

I mean, see what happens when the bird puffing the fag hooks up with super boy, that doesn't look like sex!

Peter Cushing's role required only one day's shooting, and, he's never even seen with Price or Lee.

Sooooo... Drizzle, drazzle, druzzle, drome, time for this one to come home!..

Man, kinda' rough week... Guess I'll just take a little ol' nap... Can't play checkers any more, anyhow!

The police dude helps the chick get wired for sound!

Chickie hooks up with the suspected killer, but, he proves to be super evasive after being cornered by a ton of policemen!

When he's eventually captured, they handcuff him to his sportscar's bumber to prevent him from getting away.

He pulls his hand off and heads for Dr. Browning's place, where he jumps into a big pit of acid! This bobbie finds out the hard way that the liquid is actually sulfuric acid, not water!

After the hand is taken back the lab, it tries to get away while being inspected by the doctors.

Lots of freaky junk goin' on around here!

In Browning's lab, they're preparing for another transplant operation.

Good guy, Dr. Sorel, tries to stop Browning and finds out that he's dealing with another super human!

At the end, we get to see who the big boss is, it's Chris Lee as Fremont!

Dr. Browning is no longer needed, and, like a good trooper, he lies down in the acid pit when ordered to by the boss...

A very cool poster to end the show with!!


Douglas McEwan said...

I remember going to see this at the Warner Hollywood Theater on Hollywood Blvd its opening weekend, excited to see the three greatest titans of terror in one movie. And I remember leaving not merely disappointed, but LOATHING it. It seemed like three different movies from three different directors, stapled together. Lee, Cushing, and Price seem to be not just in different movies, but on different planets. I have never watched it a second time.

And Milton Subotsky had NOTHING to do with the making of Curse of Frankenstein. What an insult to Hammer. (I remember discussing Subotski with Stephen King once, over 30 years ago. He considered Subostki a hack. I think that's a little harsh, as some of his movies are okay, the anthologies particularly.)

Prof. Grewbeard said...

this is why i don't like hospitals, you're always waking up with parts missing...

Frankenberry said...

Where's the Monster?

TABONGA! said...

What Monster?

Anonymous said...

great stills!

Greg Goodsell said...

Where are shots of the cold-as-ice nurse who tends to the amputee guy? SHE'S HOT and certainly qualifies as a monster.

Douglas McEwan said...

Well Michael Gothard's vampiric man the cops chase, the one who tears off his own hand to escape the cops, constitutes "The Monster" in my reading of the movie.

TABONGA! said...

Greg, you're so right, just added Nurse Ice's pic to the post, good advice, what's wrong wif' me? - thanks...

Douglas - yes, crawling hands count! Am going to record BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS in Oct. on TCM for future post.

Douglas McEwan said...

BEAST WITH FIVE FINGERS is such a silly movie, but elevated to "Essential" status by Peter Lorre's great performance. One can never have enough Peter Lorre.

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