Monday, September 5, 2011

WORLD WITHOUT END / Allied Artists - 1956

Hello everbloody, welcome to Monster Monday with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Our featured flick is a classic from 1956, brought to us by Allied Artists and the awesome director, Edward Bernds. This is an updated version of a previous post.

We love Ed Bernds. Besides all The Three Stooges shorts, he directed these fan favorites... THE BOWERY BOYS MEET THE MONSTERS, REFORM SCHOOL GIRL, SPACE MASTER X-7 (with Moe Howard), QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE, RETURN OF THE FLY, VALLEY OF THE DRAGONS, THE THREE STOOGES MEET HERCULES and THE THREE STOOGES IN ORBIT! He died in Van Nuys at the ripe old age of 94... in the year 2000.

Here's a photo of Ed directing Zsa Zsa Gabor and Eric Fleming on the set of QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE.

The music we hear in the soundclip is my second favorite sci-fi theme from the fifties, INVADERS FROM MARS is number one. What this theme says best though, is, 'being in outer space with all it's wonders.' You'll hear this music reused in the 1961 space opera, THE PHANTOM PLANET.

Monday means that Ralphie The Tarantula is waiting on the sideline, warmed up and ready to go! So, wif'out further adieu, lettuce get this salad started! Press the big red 'GO' button there to your left, NOW, Ralphie! Here's... WORLD WITHOUT END!

Look at the great spaceship created by the Allied Artists' prop department. This beauty was also used in QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE and IT! THE TERROR FROM BEYOND SPACE.

The ship and crew go into a time warp in space and luckily end up on a cushion of snow when they crash land on some unknown planet.

Eegah!!.. 'Planet Of The Freakin' Future!'

I'm pretty sure that people smell like fried chicken to giant, hungry, mutant spiders! Ralphie's distant relative was reused in QUEEN OF OUTER SPACE.

Check this out, they shoot the creepy thing in the head and it's brain (?) splatters all over the place!!

Things don't get any better for them that night, when, they're attacked by a gang of big, mean, ugly, mutant cavemen! They had to shoot this poor devil in the eyeball to stop him!

I remember seeing this still in FM, a frightful sight for a 12 year old in 1960! On one of the science channels a few years ago, I was watching a program on child development, when, they had this part about recognition of faces by babies at a very early age. For 'fun' they showed babies a drawing of a person with just one eye in the middle. The infants would instantly become upset and very uncomfortable!!

Then, the space jockeys discover the horrible truth, they're... on... Earth!

They explore a cave and find a door, and, it looks like it was made by intelligent beings! They knock... What the Hell?!

Yes, I designed this costume myself! Do you like it?..

Let's face it, Rod Taylor was a hunk. I think he was the perfect H. G. Wells for George Pal's THE TIME MACHINE.

Enjoy the still, that is all, over and out.

I'm soooo lucky to get off work early, now I can watch my favorite soap, As The World Without End Turns!.. Hmmm, I wonder what Mike and Tony are talking about?..

The Doof is caught blackmailing the time travelers, so, tries to escape outdoors and runs into some of his old friends!

Yeah, yeah, we all know, you call this a 'fipromodulator 6c'... Where I come from, we just call it a 'pipe.' Man, you're really getting on my nerves...

The boys go out looking for some stray mutants to test their super bazooka on. Here's some interesting info... Ed Bernds first sought Sterling Hayden for the lead of Commander Borden, then, Frank Lovejoy. Can you imagine that, Frank Lovejoy!! Anyway, producer Richard Heermance eventually hired Hugh Marlowe because he got him for a quarter of the other actors' salaries. According to Bernds, Marlowe was often lazy and unprepared.

You can have all the firepower in the world, but...

Watch out for them spears!

The cavegirl who was raised by the underground race calls out the leader of the mutants to come and fight Commander Borden, mano-a-mano, no guns...

Believe it, or, don't!.. This is the very first incarnation of The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!!

Since our group of time travelers are stuck in the future, they make the best of it. Here, the cave kids are taught The Three Rs.

Here's a nice Euro poster to end the show with...


Christopher said...

World without theres a scary thought..

Exeter said...

Another favorite now out of the closet!
Thanks so much for sharing!

Randy Wilharm said...

I too have read that Hugh Marlowe was lazy, whereas Rod Taylor was the complete opposite of this. Taylor was ready for a scene well before it was shot, and never complained about anything.
The comical stuffed spider was hilarious! It was never shown for much more than 1sec at a time, probably to conceal it's lack of animation.

Also: mutants are referred to as "mutates" in this film...I think only 1 other sci-fi does this (can't remember).

And who could forget Booth Colman as the villian of the film, MORIES.
They couldn't have picked a better actor, as Colman absorbed himself into the role well.

IMDB has some interesting trivia/goofs for this movie, though a few might be questionable like the reference to "motorized spiders".

Booth Colman:

I forgot to add:
Booth Colman had quite an interesting
career before and after this movie.
Not only did he work for the Maurice Evans theater company, but he actually played Dr. Zauis in the 70s "planet of the Apes" TV series.

TABONGA! said...

Randy, thank you for the additional info, it's always appreciated ~

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