Friday, September 23, 2011

TALES OF TOMORROW / Season 2, Episode 15: The Fatal Flower - 1952

Welcome to Friday Night Sci-Fi TV with Tabonga, here at The Dungeon!.. Tonite's offering first aired Dec. 12, 1952, and, is an early entry into the man-eating plant monster catagory.

Igor!.. How many times do I have to tell you!.. Push, don't pull!!

Music credits go to Bobby Christian and Irving Robbin... Now that the formalities are out of the way, lettuce bring in our littlest Dungeon helper and button pusher, correctite, itz... Rufus The Gnat! Rufus just flew in from the other room and he sez heez redi to whip up our Eariffic Soundclip for yer listnin' pleazhur! Push the big red 'GO' button there at 4 o'clock, now, Rufus! Here's... THE FATAL FLOWER!

Well, here we are in Brazil this week, thanks to the magic of modern television!

Victor Jory plays Dr. Alden, he's discovered some very interesting plants in the deep jungles of Brazil, including this rare, giant flesh eating monstrosity.

The doctor works with a guy named Merriman. Merriman, played by Don Hanmer, talks the doc out of one of the many letters he gets in the mail, Merriman has no friends and is starved for human interaction. To humor him, the doc lets him take one random letter for $10, damn, that'd be like $300 today!

Merriman is pleased about being able to purchase the piece of precious parchment... for his pathetic, perverted pleasure! This photo bares an uncanny resemblance to one of our Dungeon pals, Rev. Spike!

The doc thinks he sold Merriman an important letter, and wants it back. Merriman refuses and that sends the doctor's heart into a tizzy!

When he falls back from almost fainting, the doc discovers that the thing has a taste for human beings! He notes it in his journal.

And, that gives him an idea about getting the letter back... Cut to commercial!

Okay, we're back!..

The doc pleads with Merriman to give back the letter, but, to no avail. In fact, Merriman's really starting to enjoy this little game of checkers...

Here's what breakfast looked like in 1952!

Nice close up of the doc's heart pills.

One cool shot deserves another... Is he reading or peeking?

Man, Merriman can be a real jerk at times!

You can see that Merriman's holding the letter as the monster starts chomping on him, so, the doc runs over and grabs it out of the doomed sap's hand!

Sorry, but, you'll have to watch this episode for yourself to find out what was in the letter...

Here comes the big one... I'm comin' to join you, Elizabeth!!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, looks interesting!

Exeter said...

I don't think I have ever even heard of this one! And I am an expert! Way to go!

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